Sunday, July 02, 2006

where's your spirit?

Interesting read in an article by Sally Kempton.

You know your spiritual IQ is climing when you:

-- notice that you're less bothered by the ups and downs of your life

-- remember to ask for grace and guidance from God and are open to receiving them

-- realize that you are happier and more peaceful when you stop trying to control every situation

-- recognize that living from your own essence is more important than getting the approval of others

-- find it easier to forgive your parents, your ex, the coach who bullied you in high school and yourself

-- wake up some mornings feeling gratitude for no reason

-- treat feelings of anger, jealousy and blame as signals to do self-inquiry and take time to look into what's behind those feelings

-- develop a time for prayer, mindful awareness, self-inquiry and silent contemplation

-- know how to tap into His strength so that you're less fearful of situations and outcomes that used to scare you

-- experience feelings of equality, kinship and concern for other people, animals and the earth

-- are less afraid to speak the truth -- and know how to do it gently

-- above all, feel a growing connection to being more and more spiritual

...spiritual intelligence is our instinct for looking beyond appearances to find out what's really important. Some people are born with that knowingness; the rest of us may need to uncover it through trial and error. Yet any moment can be the one when our innate spiritual intelligence wakes us up to the mystery -- the realization that one energy pervades us all.

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