Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

mr. wonderful was born

K and Mr. W at the PRSA holiday party at favorite president's home.
I joke with them and say how much this looks like a photo taken in the 80's.
Come to think of it, I believe K is wearing stirrup pants. :-)
to my one and only!

had a nice little get together with friends and family.
always good to have people in the new home.
thanks to all who drove from jville to be with us.
your presence was a real present!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

celebrating his wonderfulness

babies for them

went to healthy mom-to-be's baby shower today. so much fun! it was held at soon-to-be-a-mom again's home that was in the backyard of UCF's new stadium being built. the ladies did a great job throwing it all together and making it special for the mom of little baby ?. she won't tell us her name. i so love the collective rejoicing over a new life into the world. another hope, a new person who gets to learn all the possibilities she has.

couldn't help but miss be frie during the shower. she's having hers in a couple of saturdays and i won't be able to attend. it's times like these that i dislike the distance between close friends...we've been able to stay in touch over the years, but when one of us has something so life changing occur, you wish you could be there every step of the way. i'm so happy for her and for the upcoming celebrations around her new little possibility, her new hope that she and mr. be frie are bringing into the world.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

ATL = love and joy

Be frie and the purple unicorn

dragonFLY deciding...this could take awhile

tabula rasa - nothing like it...

so happy right now before the painting begins

step away from the paint brush...i say we did great after 14 hours at wired and fired.

there's my little purple unicorn with matt, elizabeth and gaby
this turned out to be a really nice photo.

fun kelly, purple unicorn and dragonFLY all together!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

where did February go? oh, here it is below...

so, it's clear that i have been slacking quite a bit with my sky fishing this month. have to get it out in the open and move forward so here it is -- i suck.

at the end of january, i watched my cute little nephew turn one. it was as if he knew that the party was just for him. i've never seen a kid so alert at their first birthday. while we were singing happy birthday to him twice -- once in english and once in spanish, he looked as if he might be able to jump in and sing along. instead, he smiled and watched everyone act silly and clap for him and only him. favorite brother is really enjoying it even though he's used to being the sole male in the family. if someone else is going to steal the show, it might as well be his ever so adorable little baby boy.

after the celebration, february hit and i found myself in quite a whirlwind. buderfli and i threw a bridal shower for rojo. i got really ill and am still recovering. it didn't stop b and i from trying to create the most special time. we pulled together quite an event in really no time at all. with the exception of the cake (my fault) completely, everything went swimmingly. rojo seemed to have a great time which, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

the bright public affairs off-site was in hammock beach this year. what a beautiful place! i really enjoyed staying in such a remote area and being away from it all. of course, i did have a chance to make a wal-mart run one late night. it reminded me of my st. augustine days when i would take a power break from studying and head to the wal-mart which was literally the only thing that was safe and still open at two in the morning. mr. wonderful stopped in for a night and enjoyed the facility of club hammock beach resort. he was glad that i highly encouraged him to be there. it was sooo worth it!

mr. wonderful surprised me at work this year with a dozen beautiful long stemmed red roses. he truly is my one and only valentine. that evening, he cheered me on at my soccer game and we headed to a favorite eating establishment that requires no reservations whatsoever and we spent time talking and going over the game. i was still feeling a bit under the weather and i remember it was a very off night on the field for me. couldn't make a connection. my passes were weak. i might as well just stayed on the sideline. but, no matter, since my love was there and we were together.

over the weekend, i went to atlanta to visit be frie who is tres prego now. got there in enough time to "supervise" the construction projects in her living/kitchen area and visited with her parents who were assisting. they are such a special group of people that i so enjoy being with...i was instantly laughing and having fun catching up with everyone. that night, be frie took me to a purple unicorn party. can't wait to show you how cool and fun that was through the photos that i still have on super new camera. got to see old friends. once again, i was laughing most of the evening...creating fun out of my environment. got to catch up with matt which was really nice. he's grown up so much and is seeing someone special who he expressed to me as the "one." it's always wonderful to sit back and take that in...a story from someone who feels they found someone, they're someone, who God placed in this world for them to love unconditionally. really cool. the best part of the weekend, was just sitting back with be frie and painting pottery. she kicks my butt in sketching but in potterty painting, i felt we were on level playing ground and could really relate to one another about the struggles of how long it takes to actually paint a platter or a teapot for example. she is amazing and full of surprises which is what makes her the absolute best when it comes to true friendship that continues to grow bigger and bigger as the years pass. the worst part of the weekend was my monday morning departure. i dread leaving, especially since it was such a short visit. my plan is to return when little baby is born. i miss her already!

this week has been great. tonight, i played three games of soccer. i came for the 6:30 game and got drafted into the 7:30 game and then ended up playing in the 8:30 game (the only game i really had to play). it was fun but i was pretty tired by the end of it all. thankfully, my team -- VooDoo Posse -- won 4 to 1. enough to celebrate and get excited about!! i really love to play. it's a great stress reliever and it's a great way to just have some good time with a great group of people.

this weekend the plans are in motion to have a small get together for mr. wonderful's birthday. looking forward to just hanging back and keeping things casual as he requested. nothing fancy. nothing over the top. just good friends, good food and a good cake (for buderfli).

i heard someone say today, "a life well lived is the best revenge." it stuck for some reason. i've never heard that before but if for some reason revenge creeps into one of your agendas, that's a pretty positive way to look at it. (this is not an endorsement for revenge so stop judging me for a second please.) for those living in the land of bringing others down to boost your own ego or being critical toward others because you're too insecure to handle their excellence, get over it. live your life and live it well. stop getting involved in things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with you. stop being so mean too. i mean really, is your life that perfect?

still around

sorry for the lag between posts. still here but running since the end of january. i've been missing my blogging time. back in the saddle though. more laters.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's a few days early

had a great time at this event...belly dancers and morrocan food and of course, super company (see photo above).

Friday, February 09, 2007

very cool aussie!

Fi and I at the 2007 Crystal House Awards.
It was a great event thanks to all of her hard work!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Working in Hammock Beach

It's tough work but someone's gotta survey the coast and enjoy the fresh air.

Saturday, February 03, 2007