Sunday, July 30, 2006

exciting news

Today, I know:

I am enough.
I have enough.
I do enough.

Today, you must know:

You are enough.
You have enough.
You do enough.

It's powerful stuff. Enough. When was the last time someone said, "________ insert your name (so for me, DragonFLY), YOU ARE ENOUGH"?? No one says it. They've taken on the same thinking for themselves...I'm not enough. I need more. I need to do this. I have to be this. Just for a minute join me -- I'm excited about being where I am right now, at this very moment just because I have what I have and I am who I am. Seriously, try it! Try thinking about your life, as is, nothing more, nothing less...So, isn't it exciting?!!?? I didn't say perfect people. I said exciting!! You have another moment, this moment, now this one, and this one and...You have enough. You have you. You have now. You have sooooo much!!

Read a book.
If you like knowing you're enough, read some Sark.
She'll remind you and inspire you to fly and to also take time to nap.

to Joy -- your message was amazing. i felt like you were standing right next to me...that's how close your beautiful words of love and remembrance touched my heart. your friendship moves mountains for me. i love you be-fri!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

traveling out of town

going on yet another road trip tonight to visit the family in the northeast part of this great sunshine state. i tell ya what...we love to do the impossible. what? don't leave in the middle of the night...oh come on! look who you're talking to. we'd drive a million miles to spend time with our loved ones and enjoy a beautiful environment. it's not just me, ted's the same way. we've even discussed going to see china girl and, HELLO my peoples, she's in china!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday at last!

What happens when people have too much money and
aren't sure what to do with it. I really like those green cones.

I am not one who typically subscribes to the TGIF attitude. Typically, enjoying every day equally is good since working on the weekend does come up for me quite often. This week, I have to strongly say that I couldn't be happier that Friday is here and happening. It's been a heck of a week. Sleeping has become a luxury and the amount of caffeine that has been shot into my body is ridiculous. It's as if I'm in some strange science experiment. Theory: Woman can live and somewhat function for 5 days on nothing but coffee and hotel food. Conclusion: She can put one foot in front of the other BUT living and functioning are debatable.

The Grand Floridian was a glorious place to stay and play. Much to my disappointment, there was no play factored into the schedule so from afar, I got glimpses of what it might be like if I wasn't there for work. No hamburgers either...I had to settle for the filet.

I so want my pillow right now.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


doing a sleepover tonight at the grand floridian for work. i remember when people talked about this hotel first opening. they always talked about the $7 hamburgers. well, i finally get to check it out.

can't wait until david starts here...then i can get the inside scoop on the best rooms, activities, etc.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

my day in pictures

1. started at international plaza in tampa at a press conference

2. went to tampa digital to edit video for stations who weren't at the press conference

3. begged kena for a short break to get my nails done in the midst of a very long day...thankfully, she said yes!

4. watched focus groups discuss some interesting issues for 4 hours

I got home around midnight. I'm tired but in a good way.

Monday, July 24, 2006

in loss

To a friend who just lost one of her best to Metastatic Breast Cancer -- I am so sorry.
You once wrote, "I have been amazed by the depths of my own humanity and the resiliency of the human spirit. We are all so fragile, yet so strong. So broken, yet so perfect. "

Saturday, July 22, 2006

dedicated to buderfli, love dragonFLY

Congrats to my friend, Ginger, who today had her new house dedicated. This journey has been tedious and long but it's all worth it since you and My My are now on your way to creating a home of your own. Thanks for letting me be a part of it all. Wendy ~ so good to see you and the girls (little women)!

Habitat homeowner: 'It still hasn't sunk in'

by Robert PeRez
July 22, 2006

SANFORD -- Ginger Flack and her daughter began their new life Friday in a three-bedroom, two-bath home that sits directly under the path of incoming planes at Orlando Sanford International Airport.

They couldn't be happier.

The pair is moving into a 1,200-square-foot home completed in a 10-day building blitz by Habitat for Humanity of Seminole County and its partners -- Maronda Homes, Trustco Bank and Orangewood Presbyterian Church."This is going to give us a whole new way of life," Flack said. "We'll have our own home."

Amaya Flack was about a year old when her mother began putting in the first of 300 hours of volunteer work for the program. She will celebrate her fourth birthday next month in her own room.The 2 1/2 years of weekend volunteer work -- Habitat's required "sweat equity" -- seemed like no time at all, she said."It didn't seem like work," said Flack, a 29-year-old single mother. "Everybody is so wonderful, so grateful. They're happy to be there."

On Friday, it was Flack's turn to be on the receiving end."It still hasn't sunk in that this is mine," she said.Amaya was oblivious to Friday's ceremony, wandering in and out of the empty home as officials celebrated the completion of the house in record time."There was nothing but trenches for the footers out here 10 days ago," said Robert Kinney, Habitat president.

Flack's home was built a la Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the popular ABC program that rehabs homes for worthy people in seven days. On average, volunteer crews spent 12 hours a day on Flack's house.A 20-year interest-free loan helped make the home affordable for Flack, a manager at United Trophy's Casselberry store.

In addition to donating $20,000 for home construction, Trustco Bank is providing home-ownership counseling to Flack.Central Florida's hot real-estate market has made it nearly impossible to find affordable land in safe neighborhoods to build, Kinney said. Habitat built two homes, including Flack's, on Palmetto Avenue.Flack is looking forward to her new community. She does not worry about the near-constant shriek of jets and putter of prop planes overhead. She is just grateful.

"At first I was worried because they come in so low, but now I like watching them come in," she said. "We'll get used to the noise. Pretty soon it's going to be background noise."

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cocktails & the Cosmos at OSC

Picked up the Teddy Bear and came back into town for a networking event at the Science Center. Got to catch up with many people about the latest news...Met Kena's son who is absolutely adorable! Topped the evening off with some yumalicious Indian Food. I need to learn how to make saag paneer. It can't be that hard. Maybe I'll check in with one of my favorite bloggers -- Tales from a Veggie Kitchen. That girl can cook! Did you know that Michael Jackson also loves Saag Paneer. It's true! It's on the internet! :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006


" 'Never say never.' People like to say that. Why? Beats us. Some things are really impossible. And sometimes, just sometimes, you should say 'never.' Never round up when guessing someone's age. Never allow your friends to drink and dial. Never stop yourself from saying something nice. Never deny yourself the last bite of something really delicious. Never sunbathe nude in India. Never chew gum in Singapore. Never go against your gut. Never be the one to break the news regarding Santa, the Tooth Fairy or any other personae with good reputations. Never decline a high five. Never take your health for granted. Never hold on to old socks."

From DailyCandy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life

Some of my nevers fluttering around in my mind today:

Never eat a big dinner and then go straight to bed. Never sleep in cheap sheets. Never drive in the fast lane unless you're driving fast. Never be mean or encourage others to be mean. Never get angry for being in rush hour traffic during rush hour. Never drive in the rain if you don't know how or feel uncomfortable...Pull over! Never make fun of people who have to have at least one cup of coffee before they make sense in the morning. Never cook bacon in the nude. Never use the sink or toilet while your husband is showering. Never forget all of the firsts -- days, times, loves, losses, wins. Never shop without having some idea of what you're looking for. Never rush for no reason. Never smoke. Never complain without a suggestion/solution. Never eat mediocre desserts. Never forget to say thank you. Never overlook you're amazing friends...the ones who send you a great card that makes your day. Never stop kissing your spouse. Never live completely unaware of who and what surrounds you. Never use the words, "Because you always do" when trying to convince someone. Never answer the phone with a frown. Never wear uncomfortable shoes for more than 3 hours at a time...It really messes with your mood. Never acknowledge that you are all about something that is not bigger than you. Never slack on calling your mom even if it's just to say "I love you." Never forget how blessed you are. Never deny that you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

tie game to me time

voodoo doesn't strike again. we tied bud tonight after 40 rigorous minutes when i thought i had pulled a hammy which later turned out to be my quad. oh wellsies...moving on since i won't be able to play next week due to a work commitment. went to chippy's afterward with some of my favorite people for a quick bite.

ted's gone tonight so i am just sitting back and enjoying my solitude. i've never been one that requires constant attention. i enjoy people, company, guests, visitors -- unexpected and expected -- but sometimes, i really like to just be alone to think, to digest, to pray, to ponder, to revel, to appreciate, to remember, to understand, to just be. it's so peaceful, so important to just touch base with yourself every so often. deep breath in, deep breath out. this is nice...real nice.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the buderfli house

Lots of excitement brewing for my friend Ginger and her new house through Habitat for Humanity. Above is a portion of the building crew, her little cutsie My My and Christine from FOX.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

weekend at home

first weekend in awhile that ted and i actually stayed in town. we spent friday night with theo and cathy in celebration of sophia's 4th birthday. i remember when she was just a little peanut at the hospital. ted, sr. came into town on saturday afternoon. this was his first trip, to my knowledge, out of town since trish passed away. it was so good to have him visit us. since i had to work on saturday night at the store, ted took him all over town. in true ted fashion, he got lost trying to get to i-drive. we had a nice dinner on saturday night at chang's. sunday morning, we attended a service at the Greek Orthodox Church in maitland. beautiful church. lots of kids in the congregation. we met the priest and looked around at the facilities. of course, we had been there before for Greek Fest but ted's dad had never seen it. we enjoyed a nice lunch at fw and then he was back to jax. i wanted him to stay considering he and ted are such a riot together. later that afternoon, ted and i headed to sunday soccer scrimmage where gene, josh and sara were waiting. i played with the big kids and ted played a game with josh, sara and gene. it was unbelievably hot. i think the worst ever! i scored a goal early on in the game and almost had another one. it hit the cross bar. we went to panera bread for dinner. it was good to see janice. she's been busy the last few weeks and so have i. she's got a new little baby niece that she's so happy about! it was just a nice weekend. full of family, fun and hot weather.

Friday, July 14, 2006

sick again -- yuck!

in volusia county this morning for a press conference and am feeling a bit under the weather again. why me? why now? at least i got a great lunch with a really hot guy. he's the best producer in all of daytona beach...all of central florida!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

welcome baby ella!

great news from the be-fri earlier this morning about little matty-poo and his sweet southern girl having a baby girl! CONGRATULATIONS!
to ella -- you have just entered one of the most amazing families on all of planet earth AND as if that's not enough, you have one of the best aunties in all the universe!

Monday, July 10, 2006

celebrating true friendship

Everything I Need to Know about Friendship I Learned from My Women Friends
by BJ Gallagher



ACCEPTS you, warts and all

BELIEVES in your potential
COMFORTS you when you're sad
DELIGHTS in your successes
EMPATHIZES with your struggles
FORGIVES you when you hurt her feelings, just as you do her
GIVES you time and attention
HUGS you. ..often
INSPIRES you to do your best
JUST loves you
KEEPS your secrets
LISTENS with her heart
MAKES you want to be a better person
NEVER judges you
OCCASIONALLY disappoints you 'cause she's human, too
POINTS out your good qualities when you forget
QUESTIONS you when you're about to do something really dumb
RESPECTS your boundaries
SHARES her hopes and fears with you
TELLS you the truth
UNDERSTANDS you, even when you don't understand yourself
VALUES your ideas and opinions
WILL do anything she can to help you
XTENDS a helping hand whenever you need it
YEARNS to hear from you when you're away
ZINGS with joy 'cause you're her friend

Mark your calendars for Friendship Day on Aug. 6th! Tell your friends you love them and why!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Where in the world is my Auntie Mila?

The following is my Auntie Mila's tavel itinerary:

9 Leaving Jax to Atlanta to JFK NY.
11 and 12 Singapore
13 Singapore to Bali
16 Bali to Singapore
17 Singapore to Beijing
18 Tiananmen Square/Temple of Heaven/Imperial Palace/Acrobatic show
19 Great Wall/Ming Tombs/Dingling
20 Summer Palace/Wangfujing Street
21 Beijing to Bangkok
22 Bangkok city tour & shopping
23 Bangkok to Singapore
24 Singapore to Manila
25 Manila to Davao
27 Davao to Manila
27 Manila to Singapore
27 11:50 pm leaving Singapore to Germany to JFK NY
28th Home Sweet Home

Have fun Mila! Safe journey!!! Mahal kita!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Baby Theo's Christening

mr. wonderful, baby freshly christened, moi et brother T

cousin m with the cutest little baby in the whole world!

Theo, Josie, Tania (Godmother), cute Baby Theo and Mario (Godfather)

Today my baby brother's baby (Theodore Gene Hagen, Jr.) was Christened.

This kind of event makes one stop and really take in what is all around them.

Life. Family. God. Love. Hope.

Friday, July 07, 2006

traveling to tampa

This morning I was in Tampa and visited one of our main offices for work. Really impressive. The people were so nice and helpful. I learned a lot about the relationship between the teams and how they relate to mine. It was worth the four hours of traveling in the most ridiculous traffic. I shall return for yet another adventure. I just won't stop in Polk County. Story to come at a later time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

local cup filled with adventure and honesty

Prepare to be shocked! Voodoo did it again...We WON!!! 2 weeks in a row people. Woohoo! There were a ton of shots on our goal. It's true BUT when it all came down to it, they never scored on us. I got the ball and it was as if time slowed down. I saw John down at the goal. He kept hanging there to avoid running excessively. Only the Voodoo can get away with this kind of slack playing. Instead of passing it off, I took the shot but I kept it on the ground. All John had to do was tap it in to the little goal and BOOM! 1 goal for us at the last two minutes of the game. When the whistle blew, we added another win to our record! Everyone was so excited. I think I was still trying to figure out what happened. Needless to say, we are on a roll!

Today, I am hanging out with the cable guy and learning the "cables" (ropes) of the biz. There is an all new appreciation for what these guys do all day. In addition, I have named myself "Cable Girl" and will be making a costume soon. There will be photos upon its completion. The Adventures of Cable Girl!

Tonight at the Jill, I saw a million things that I want to add to my collection. Fall fashion is out and looking mighty cute!

To close, what an amazing freedom you discover when you choose to be honest. No pretending. No blaming others. No over analyzing or thinking. No judging. Just YES for being honest. In that choice, you find what carries you further than you could ever imagine. (sigh) It's awesome.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

i love fireworks

CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY! theo and cathy made it all happen for this year's fourth. they brought the right people together for a grand grilling experience. theo grilled up enough ribs for the neighborhood. cathy made an awesome cherry pie. they even arranged for fireworks to go off that could be seen from the front of their house and from the back. it was a fireworks bonanza!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

I ran/walked three miles this morning at the annual Watermelon Fun Run in Winter Park at 7:30 this morning with half of Orlando. Robin, Ixchel, Destiny and Maurice were there to celebrate the crazy idea and suffer together. I saw Theo L., Shawn S., Heather (she won the women's division with a time of 19:52) and Wendy. It was so incredibly hot. I know, I know, it IS July. I finished which was literally my only goal. Tomorrow night is soccer so I wasn't about to push myself too hard. The actual route is really nice. You run past all kinds of nice homes and enjoy the view. The worst part is you do pass the lead runners who finish under 20 minutes. You get to see everyone who's beating you. There were fully dressed firemen, American flag carriers, professional walkers, small children, etc. I kept reminding myself to honor my body and not overdo it. I was so happy to get into my car and blast the AC. Thank you for air conditioning especially for moments like this morning. About 20 minutes later, Ted and I met up to enjoy our usual breakfast at First Watch. He asked if I won the race. I told him that I won a frisbee.

Today has been great and very relaxing. We're heading to the Lotz's for a party and look forward to seeing fireworks. Thank you for friends who have a pool and who are super fun too!

Monday, July 03, 2006

weekend update

Spent the day at the beach on Saturday. YES!!! Really needed the ocean air and sand between my toes. The shells were everywhere -- big and small -- and every so often you'd find a shark's tooth. Those are the hot items for the summer. Ted and I played with our little nephew Matt. He recently sliced his fingers on the ladder at the pool so he has to keep his right hand dry. The kid is living at the beach for the summer so it is not an easy feat. I read an entire magazine in one sitting while my brother-in-law, Todd, read through a legal document for work. It was nice to just sit back and feel the sun and wind while soaking in the latest issue of "Body + Soul." I saw a little of the World Cup game. So sad about the UK. They played so well and I really thought they were going to win. :-( We all went to Cruisers for dinner, home of the best cheeseburger in the world. It was a great time...I couldn't help but sing all of the songs they were playing. Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, I Promise, Keep Me Hanging On...Good stuff!

Sunday was an important day. It was the first time I had been back to the cemetery since the funeral. I needed to go alone. On the way, I picked up some daisies (her favorite flower) and laid them on her grave. All of the emotions of the last time I was there came rushing back. I miss her. I really, really miss her. We all do. Things are not complete without her.

We drove back late was unclear what time we'd get on the road. I had already arranged to come back early since I originally had things to do. Since that changed, I decided to go out to Showalter Field and kick the soccer ball around for a bit with the Sunday Scrimmage crew. There were about four girls there this time. I found myself really connecting with the ball and being there. There are games when you just can't seem to be where you need to be...Well, this was the total opposite. I had some really good plays just because I was there. It was awesome. Let's hope Wednesdays game will be just as good in the area of connection.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

where's your spirit?

Interesting read in an article by Sally Kempton.

You know your spiritual IQ is climing when you:

-- notice that you're less bothered by the ups and downs of your life

-- remember to ask for grace and guidance from God and are open to receiving them

-- realize that you are happier and more peaceful when you stop trying to control every situation

-- recognize that living from your own essence is more important than getting the approval of others

-- find it easier to forgive your parents, your ex, the coach who bullied you in high school and yourself

-- wake up some mornings feeling gratitude for no reason

-- treat feelings of anger, jealousy and blame as signals to do self-inquiry and take time to look into what's behind those feelings

-- develop a time for prayer, mindful awareness, self-inquiry and silent contemplation

-- know how to tap into His strength so that you're less fearful of situations and outcomes that used to scare you

-- experience feelings of equality, kinship and concern for other people, animals and the earth

-- are less afraid to speak the truth -- and know how to do it gently

-- above all, feel a growing connection to being more and more spiritual

...spiritual intelligence is our instinct for looking beyond appearances to find out what's really important. Some people are born with that knowingness; the rest of us may need to uncover it through trial and error. Yet any moment can be the one when our innate spiritual intelligence wakes us up to the mystery -- the realization that one energy pervades us all.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

dealing with anger

I read the following in the paper and thought it was something to chew on. Anger is bad but even worse than anger is not knowing how to deal with it in a healthy way.

Put a lid on anger before it boils over

Doug Worgul
The Kansas City Star

You can nurture a relationship for years and ruin it in a moment, if you can't control your temper. Here are some tried and true tactics for keeping cool when tempers get hot from experts at The American Psychological Association (, Mayo Clinic ( and Center for the Advancement of Health (

1 -- The best way to keep your head is to hold your tongue. When you're angry, anything you say can and will be used against you. If not now, in some future argument. Better to just say nothing. Don't be goaded into saying something mean or hurtful. It won't help. And you'll regret it.

2 -- Ask for more information. Many arguments stem from poor communication. Clarification is better than confrontation.

3 -- Avoid using inflammatory language. If you must speak, don't curse, don't insult, don't question motives or intelligence, and don't bring up past offenses.

4 -- Take the high road. Admit you were wrong, even if you weren't. Promise to try harder. Say you're sorry.

5 -- Get a second opinion. Talk to someone about the argument to get a more objective perspective on the disagreement.

6 -- Know thyself. Know the issues and circumstances to which you respond with anger or frustration. If you can't avoid these, devise a plan for responding calmly.

7 -- Take a deep breath and smile. This will help you stay in control and drain away ill will.

8 -- Consider what's at stake. Maybe it's your marriage, your job or your relationship with a child, sibling or friend. Ask yourself if the expression of your temporary feelings of anger are worth the risk of permanently damaging a relationship you value.

9 -- Work it out. Go for a long walk or bike ride. Go play a game of racquetball. Go lift weights. Use exercise to exorcise those bad feelings.

10 -- Get a good night's sleep. You're more likely to get mad or feel attacked when you've not had enough rest. You're also less able to control your tongue. See item No. 1.