Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday at last!

What happens when people have too much money and
aren't sure what to do with it. I really like those green cones.

I am not one who typically subscribes to the TGIF attitude. Typically, enjoying every day equally is good since working on the weekend does come up for me quite often. This week, I have to strongly say that I couldn't be happier that Friday is here and happening. It's been a heck of a week. Sleeping has become a luxury and the amount of caffeine that has been shot into my body is ridiculous. It's as if I'm in some strange science experiment. Theory: Woman can live and somewhat function for 5 days on nothing but coffee and hotel food. Conclusion: She can put one foot in front of the other BUT living and functioning are debatable.

The Grand Floridian was a glorious place to stay and play. Much to my disappointment, there was no play factored into the schedule so from afar, I got glimpses of what it might be like if I wasn't there for work. No hamburgers either...I had to settle for the filet.

I so want my pillow right now.

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