Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

I ran/walked three miles this morning at the annual Watermelon Fun Run in Winter Park at 7:30 this morning with half of Orlando. Robin, Ixchel, Destiny and Maurice were there to celebrate the crazy idea and suffer together. I saw Theo L., Shawn S., Heather (she won the women's division with a time of 19:52) and Wendy. It was so incredibly hot. I know, I know, it IS July. I finished which was literally my only goal. Tomorrow night is soccer so I wasn't about to push myself too hard. The actual route is really nice. You run past all kinds of nice homes and enjoy the view. The worst part is you do pass the lead runners who finish under 20 minutes. You get to see everyone who's beating you. There were fully dressed firemen, American flag carriers, professional walkers, small children, etc. I kept reminding myself to honor my body and not overdo it. I was so happy to get into my car and blast the AC. Thank you for air conditioning especially for moments like this morning. About 20 minutes later, Ted and I met up to enjoy our usual breakfast at First Watch. He asked if I won the race. I told him that I won a frisbee.

Today has been great and very relaxing. We're heading to the Lotz's for a party and look forward to seeing fireworks. Thank you for friends who have a pool and who are super fun too!

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Anonymous said...

The watermelon run was awesome!