Monday, July 03, 2006

weekend update

Spent the day at the beach on Saturday. YES!!! Really needed the ocean air and sand between my toes. The shells were everywhere -- big and small -- and every so often you'd find a shark's tooth. Those are the hot items for the summer. Ted and I played with our little nephew Matt. He recently sliced his fingers on the ladder at the pool so he has to keep his right hand dry. The kid is living at the beach for the summer so it is not an easy feat. I read an entire magazine in one sitting while my brother-in-law, Todd, read through a legal document for work. It was nice to just sit back and feel the sun and wind while soaking in the latest issue of "Body + Soul." I saw a little of the World Cup game. So sad about the UK. They played so well and I really thought they were going to win. :-( We all went to Cruisers for dinner, home of the best cheeseburger in the world. It was a great time...I couldn't help but sing all of the songs they were playing. Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, I Promise, Keep Me Hanging On...Good stuff!

Sunday was an important day. It was the first time I had been back to the cemetery since the funeral. I needed to go alone. On the way, I picked up some daisies (her favorite flower) and laid them on her grave. All of the emotions of the last time I was there came rushing back. I miss her. I really, really miss her. We all do. Things are not complete without her.

We drove back late was unclear what time we'd get on the road. I had already arranged to come back early since I originally had things to do. Since that changed, I decided to go out to Showalter Field and kick the soccer ball around for a bit with the Sunday Scrimmage crew. There were about four girls there this time. I found myself really connecting with the ball and being there. There are games when you just can't seem to be where you need to be...Well, this was the total opposite. I had some really good plays just because I was there. It was awesome. Let's hope Wednesdays game will be just as good in the area of connection.

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