Sunday, July 16, 2006

weekend at home

first weekend in awhile that ted and i actually stayed in town. we spent friday night with theo and cathy in celebration of sophia's 4th birthday. i remember when she was just a little peanut at the hospital. ted, sr. came into town on saturday afternoon. this was his first trip, to my knowledge, out of town since trish passed away. it was so good to have him visit us. since i had to work on saturday night at the store, ted took him all over town. in true ted fashion, he got lost trying to get to i-drive. we had a nice dinner on saturday night at chang's. sunday morning, we attended a service at the Greek Orthodox Church in maitland. beautiful church. lots of kids in the congregation. we met the priest and looked around at the facilities. of course, we had been there before for Greek Fest but ted's dad had never seen it. we enjoyed a nice lunch at fw and then he was back to jax. i wanted him to stay considering he and ted are such a riot together. later that afternoon, ted and i headed to sunday soccer scrimmage where gene, josh and sara were waiting. i played with the big kids and ted played a game with josh, sara and gene. it was unbelievably hot. i think the worst ever! i scored a goal early on in the game and almost had another one. it hit the cross bar. we went to panera bread for dinner. it was good to see janice. she's been busy the last few weeks and so have i. she's got a new little baby niece that she's so happy about! it was just a nice weekend. full of family, fun and hot weather.

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