Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mind Chew

Be careful in your dislikes of others, that you become the person you don't like.

Not Writing Today But Did Enjoy Reading...

Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started
by @dfolkens

To be fully transparent, since that’s still a favorite buzzword thanks to our FTC friends, this list could be much longer. However, “The 77 Things Dave Didn’t Know” doesn’t have a great ring to it. We all like lists and tips so here are a few things that could have helped me as I transitioned into the day-to-day world of communications and public relations.

1. Asking Questions is a Good Thing
I came into the working world with a misconception that asking question was somehow admitting defeat. After all, I’d just graduated and felt like I’d accomplished a great deal in my time at school. I had a hard time admitting that I didn’t know something. What would everyone think?
Over the years, I’ve seen a strong pattern that those who ask questions, and listen closely to the answers, are often times the smartest ones in the room.

2. Business Background Buys Credibility
I’d done the econ and finance classes throughout college but really hadn’t thought of really spending time studying how the best business leaders achieved their goals. Organizational management wasn’t a common crossover for communications students but I wish I would have thought of it. Understanding operations and management styles are critical for communicators.

3. Confidence- Trust Yourself
*Caution on this one – it can easily go the wrong way if confidence moves to ego. As long as you’re really putting in the work, be comfortable speaking up about your areas of responsibility. It help others understand that you’re making the transition to a true pro and that you’re capable of providing immediate value to the organization.

4. Watch the Office Politics Closely
I had no idea how important this is when coming out of school. It only takes one big miss to get off on the wrong foot with someone you’ll need as an ally down the road. I don’t like power plays. Those that use internal status to move their own agendas but I won’t pretend they don’t exist. Watch closely and see where both friction and allegiances lie. Think of it as high-stakes
Survivor. You don’t want to quickly become tied to the person in the office that’s sinking or on their way out. Take the time to watch and learn from the dynamics you see.

5. School Isn’t Over
Something changes every day in the communications industry. Might be new technology or a new contact you should meet but there should never be a day when you don’t learn something new. Literally, keep notes on who you met today that will help down the road or tag your calendar with an idea for tomorrow before you go home for the day. Simple steps like this will keep you learning and keep you ahead of the pack.

This is in no way a comprehensive list. As I said, I could add more on my own but what have others learning in the first years of a communications career? What other tips do you have for the future of our industry?

(Thanks to @PRVille for tweeting this :-D )

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Ways to Give the Best of Yourself (by Anita B.)

One of my favorite blogs does it again...Read the entire post here.

“We have to learn to give the best of ourselves in the moment,” Guilmartin says. “And all it takes is the time to take one deep breath. Maybe you don’t have time to do more, but you can do more with the time you have.”

Guilmartin says there are a number of ways to be more successful and have more impact and satisfaction in our work, simply by changing a few bad habits that have cropped up in a non-stop, always-connected world.

Among them:

Don’t react with angry words. Either verbally or written in an e-mail, “you give your power away when you get furious,” she says. “You may win the battle, but you lose the war.” Instead, when frustrated or angry, pause and then try and regain control of the situation by getting more information. It could be that you misunderstood, the person may have accidentally misspoken, or you don’t fully understand all the issues involved.

Listen. The workplace today is focused on developing a collaborative atmosphere where ideas are shared to drive innovation. That can’t happen, she says, unless people take the time to simply show respect by listening to another person without jumping in with snap decisions or judgments so they can move onto the next item on a to-do list. “The greatest thing you can have someone say about you is: ‘Wow. She’s a great listener.

Be honest. “If someone comes to you and you’re waiting on an important phone call, be honest with them and say that you can give them only 50 percent of your attention because you’re focused on the upcoming call. Tell them if that's OK, you can give them what you can at the time. What this does is help the person come to trust you because you’re being honest.”

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Heard...

When people show you who they really are, believe them the first time.
~Maya Angelou

In my Ear today...

Cry Fire
Catie Curtis

I'm not made for this, I'm not in shape
My heart don't bend like that, it just breaks
When we bring your bags down to the track
To take you back

I'm no good at this, don't know what to do
Waiting on this platform, all these people waiting too
I don't say much, 'cause I don't want to say

Don't the sun cry fire in the sky every night
When it tries
To say goodbye

I curse the train and its shiny steel
When the whistle blows I curse the wheels
And I curse my heart for the way it feels

Don't the sun cry fire in the sky every night
When it tries
To say goodbye

I take the stairs up whileeverybody comes down
They just got the word: next train, next town
And I'm pretty sure now you're gonna come around

Don't the sun cry fire in the sky every night
When it tries
To say goodbye

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Road Trip with Baby Girl to Visit Friends

@T's Bday Party - Year Three

Hanging with J. in her fun room.

cooking dinner with H. and then later eating it with her and her parents

Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Jenny Visits!

My Jenny and crew (Glenna, Chris, moi, Mr. Wonderful and Sleepy Baby girl) after dinner at Bahama Breeze

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year's Day + Japanese Food!

It may not photograph well but it tastes really, really good.
Mr. Wonderful with Heather and her friend, Kevin.
So glad I got a chance to have some Heather time!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Love to the Alpine Village Inn!

Baby Girl's in the Carolinas...Yea!

Me trying not to act like I'm worried about slipping on the icy hill.

Rock Star Mom and I @ the Biltmore

Mr. Wonderful and Baby Girl with Chaz AKA the InnKeeper. Love him!

On Main St. in Blowing Rock, NC

Awww...The InnKeepers Angel and my little Angel