Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrating Emily and Thinking of Bonnie

Bonnie with Baby Girl in 2008 at the home of Geri & Lee Evans. 
My dear friend and colleague Bonnie lost her mother recently. Today, I read her mom's obituary which she wrote herself right after she was diagnosed. It is one of the most beautiful, funny, sentimental and authentic tributes I've ever seen. Read Emily Phillips obituary here.

I want to extend my deepest sympathies to Bonnie and her family. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you.

A big thank you to your mom for bringing you into this world, and for such a precious reminder that you are born, you blink and then it's over. 

So sorry for your loss,

Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebrating Soluna

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Soluna! It's a special day since it's the day you were born. Even though we just got back from the Shire, I hope you continue celebrating and living life to the fullest the way you do.

Happiness is having a friend like you,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yoga & Brunch for my Birthday

Every year I try to do a little something different to celebrate another trip around the sun. Last year was DRIP which was quite unique. So for 2015, I decided to do something that would be invigorating and refreshing - YOGA & Brunch. Yes, happy birthday to me!

We all gathered at Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness on March 15th at 10 a.m. Nearly a dozen of the bravest souls of all varied experience levels showed up and did what was probably one of the most challenging warm yoga classes I've taken in awhile. After yoga, we headed to my place where Mr. Wonderful whipped up a beautiful brunch that included a new egg casserole recipe, asparagus, spanikopita, grilled parsley citrus turkey, pigs in a blanket, bacon, fruit and veggies. We also had cake from 4Rivers Sweet Shop! One double chocolate chip and the other green velvet (like a red velvet but all GREEN).

Thank you to Theo L., Rawesome, Lori, Laura, Katharine, Nicole, Brianna, Joelle, Catherine and Chaun for joining me for Birthday Yoga. 

A special THANKS to Shannon for an amazing class and to her super handstanding hubby for taking the above picture and for just being so darn supportive. 

And bigs hugs to my baby brother for showing up and helping Mr. Wonderful put on a good spread and for keeping every dish clean and probably washing a few of them twice or three times.

It was a great day full of love, warmth, friendship, laughter, fun, vinyasas and sugar!

To another year around the sun!

Breathing deeply,

Monday, March 16, 2015

Orlando City Soccer goes MLS

The VooDoo and friends at the first Orlando City Soccer Club's regular season game as a new team to the MLS

What a great day to be in Orlando. Beautiful weather. Great fans. And SOCCER!


Saturday, December 06, 2014

Day SIX: T is For...

T is for...


Theodore has become a special name to me over the years...My one and only brother is named Theodore and he goes by "Theo" for short. In 2001, I started hanging out with another Theodore who goes by "Ted" and he eventually became my husband. Mr. Wonderful aka Ted is also a junior so his dad's name is Theodore as well. In 2006, my nephew was born and because the name was already out there as the #1 choice for our immediate family, my brother named his first and only, Theodore. He goes by TJ for short which is very cute since when my brother was a wee babe, he went by TG.

All of the Theodores in my life except for my father-in-law are in the picture above with another very special man, my Uncle Bob. These are the men that fill my heart and family with love, kindness, comedy, great food and celebration. I love them all dearly.


Love to all of my Theodores,

Friday, December 05, 2014

Day Five: Leaves

December Reflections Photo Challenge

5. Leaves

Sunrise in the Sunshine State through the leaves and the Spanish moss. It never ceases to amaze me and compel me to take a million pictures like this. It's as if the sun is inviting me to celebrate a new day and every possibility that is before me. 

Celebrating the sunlight on us and before us, 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Day Four: Red

December Reflections Photo Challenge

Day 4: Red

I love red peppers and I love grape tomatoes. Most vegetables, I love. What I do not love is having to cook or chop or dice or cube. I have no idea how to chop vegetables properly (exhibit A above). This year, we tried Hello Fresh as a family.

Hello Fresh sends you a box of meal ingredients that includes everything you need minus olive oil and salt. You follow the recipe card usually a few easy steps with pictures (my favorite), and at the end of about 20-30 minutes of prep and cooking, you should have a delicious meal full of fresh vegetables, herbs and lots of flavor.

Well in the case of the red peppers and other vegetables, this meal turned out really well. One of our faves. My baby girl even jumped in to help prepare dinner with me.

Baby girl helping with cooking the vegetables.

The finished product before plating the meal. 

Dinner is served! Thanks baby girl and Hello Fresh!
If you're interested in checking out Hello Fresh, use my code: L9QBZU.

Enjoy your dinner!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Day Three: Best Day of 2014

December Reflections Photo Challenge

3. Best Day of 2014 - Today!

I have a calendar hanging in my office. It's pretty small and has been with me through 2014. It's titled TODAY Is Day One and is the artist series featuring photography by Carl Christensen. It starts by telling me along with a gorgeous photo of flowers that look almost like cotton, "Life is what you make it." In January, in a beautiful turquoise and peach background, it says "Choose Happy." For February, featured near a row of old mailboxes likely on a country road somewhere, is the reminder to "Surround yourself with love." March - my favorite month of the year for many reasons, with a row of bright pink flowering trees, the calendar tells me "You are extraordinary." In April, above a field of beautiful wild flowers at dusk, it says "Be mindful of others." May, in a nest with one small bird egg - "Today is day one." June brings a field of sunflowers for summer and confirms that you should look around since "Beauty is all around you." For July, "Time cannot be hurried" is placed high in a blue sky above a pier on the ocean. August is a carnival scene with "Play is the secret of lasting youth." September is a big huge dandelion and above it, instructions to "Dare to dream." October is a photo of an old camera (Clack brand/Made in Germany) with the words "Revel in the beauty of each moment" above it. November is an old truck with New Jersey plates sitting in a wooded area asking us to "Remember to be who you are."

So for day three's reflection, I choose TODAY as the best day of 2014 as I'm reminded by the months that TODAY is everything and holds possibilities and beauty and breath and the opportunity to be whatever you want to be and choose whatever you need.

To your TODAY and all that it holds, 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Day Two: Light

(Jump in and join this month's photo challenge! It's not too late.)

2. Light

This photo was taken at a friend's wedding in April. The wedding event team (since I know this type of work takes a team/small village) transformed a neutral colored gym into a Pinterest looking wedding venue full of candles and white lights. It really was breathtaking. The lighting really made it all so special. Now the same couple are expecting a baby in a few weeks. Wishing them and you, light and love on this second day of December.

Enjoy every day, 

Monday, December 01, 2014

December Reflections 2014: Day One

Here we are! It's December and Susannah Conway has posted the very first December Reflections challenge to "close the year out in style." Challenge accepted. To kick this off right, here's reflection numero uno below. Enjoy!

1. Drink

This is my Miami Dolphins cup full of water. I drank from it today on my way to the office. In addition to sporting the cup, I'm wearing the shirt and the socks to support the team during Monday Night Football as they take on the Jets in New York. My family and I will be watching the game later tonight.

#FinsUp #StrongerTogether

Happy December!