Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sending out some china girl love

china girl sent me the sweetest note today. she's coming to a city near me very soon!

Still upgrading...

last night, i was invited for a secret celebration with apr buddy. it was bittersweet since she has yet to receive official word about her test results. we both know she passed but there's always that chance when you haven't heard anything yet. since we've been with each other throughout the entire process, i couldn't help but feel incomplete in toasting to success when my success should include hers. despite that, we enjoyed the evening by "bonding" more about life as a 30 year old and what that looks like professionally, personally and beyond. i revel in a sincere connection and it makes me appreciate people in a whole new way.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

i can do it!

just telling myself this today...i can, i can, i can. just have to. i have to!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night, Mr. Wonderful and I headed north for a few days to enjoy food, fun and family. So far, it's been very nice but so different than what I've become accustom to over the last several years. In the past, I would be sleep deprived, running on caffeine and smiley all day long. It was tough since I'm not 16 anymore but I would make it and still have a good time with best brother and Mr. Wonderful. Today, I just want to be present to what I have been given and surrounded by people I love. I am thankful for so many things, for so many people. I am thankful to God for blessings and for strengthening me through the loss of many...It has brought me to this moment of pure gratitude and joy.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

thankful for joy!

my be fri (pictured left) who is pregnant. her belly is still smaller than mine.

a couple weekends back, i went to atlanta to visit joy and marty and as a bonus, the majority of joy's family was there for ella's dedication so i got to witness that and enjoy time away with people i have grown to love and respect for so many reasons. every time i see them, they make me feel like part of the family and right at home. i am so grateful for their love and friendship.

below is pretty much the only photo i have off of my camera of joy and i from the entire weekend. just know that you should never peruse an unfamiliar camera and graze the format button the morning of the day you're leaving -- big mistake. now, if you know joy's family, you know that the fact that she and i are pictured below in a restroom at a highlands thai restaurant is, believe it or not, quite appropriate.

i love you joy! thanks for a fantastic weekend.

Monday, November 20, 2006

house hunting

mr. wonderful and i are on the hunt right now for a house. we've seen a good amount over the last several weeks and hoping to make a decision very soon.

A Man that Cooks is a Man I Love

Happy photo: Mr. Wonderful cooking
some of his famous mushroom soup.
Love him!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


A few thoughts that watered my growth today.

read the below comment on another site and had to post it here in total agreement. seen this a million times. the next conflict or difficulty you encounter, be sure to take a moment and consider the source.

Some folks try to think for others because they are afraid of what they might find if they look inside themselves.

also, the following was shared by Dawn through e-group discussion regarding Thanksgiving and dealing with difficult family members:

I had in-laws in my first marriage that despised me. I just decided that there was nothing I could do to change them or how they felt about me but thatI also did not want to behave in a way that gave them an excuse to say. "See? THAT is why we can not stand her!" I decided to react to things in a positive manner. I was not guarded and tried to find something to enjoy about each of them. For instance, while my mother in law did not like me she did raise myhusband and he was a conscientious worker, etc and I honored that she was part of the reason for how he turned out.I was true to the person I was but because I realized that their reactions to me were those of fear it made it easier to understand why they acted likethey did. They felt that I was not good enough for their son and that I would some how bring him down to a lower level. How sad for them! To live yourlife in fear and from fear is the worst type of existence. Living your life from your heart and in love is the ultimate and most fulfilling way to be.When I understood that it gave me pity for them.Looking at any situation from the "outside" and "observing" it rather than becoming part of it also helps in stressful situation. We can choose to participatein a situation or not. We can allow a situation to effect us or we can decide to just watch the action. We do not have to absorb the feelings of others and make them ours. Know that and practice it and you will find that many things that "make" you angry or upset will no longer have control over you or your life. When you know that, you will gain the ability to keep your own power rather than giving others or situations control over you.

Friday, November 17, 2006

every moment

We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love.
God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.
(1 John 4:16)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

bringing home the beacon

so today, i just finished my first beacon award entry. it's one of those times where i feel like i've given mental birth to something that's been growing over the last several months. since the project is still underway, the entry (beautifully presented in a fancy schmancy folder) was a bit premature but for me, at least this time around, it was the process, not the prize. needless to say, i am very glad it's nicely packaged in a fedex box and on its way to DC to be thrown into a pile of other entries, thumbed through and possibly judged by a panel of seasoned industry professionals. oh great. now, i'm nervous and there's nothing i can do because it's gone and in the mail.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

brett, jan & dragonfly

hanging with the sa gang. this is one of the few photos i have to prove that i was in atlanta last weekend.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

happy photo

my nephew is almost a year old.
time flies when you're so darn cute!

gift giving

in nine days it will be thanksgiving and then in 40 days it will be Christmas. the list of who to purchase for and ideas of what to buy each person has been drafted but still, there's so much to do and so much to consider.

one consideration is the whole gift giving thing. every year, mr. wonderful and i pile in a car and head out of town to meet up with our family on Christmas eve. in tow, we have a ton of things i've purchased for each person, emergency gifts for the unexpected guests and gift wrapping. i guess this year with so many things being different for all of us, i kind of find myself hesitating to what we do all the same way. of c ourse, i want to buy gifts for everyone. it is by far one of mr. wonderful and i's favorite things to do. so to change it up, i'm thinking about making a point to not do the following while giving gifts this holiday season:

-- no gifts that would take up a huge amount of space (unless someone really needs a table or a lamp)
-- nothing similar to what has been given before from other people or me
-- more experiential gifts
-- special and personal over expensive and hollow
-- creative gift wrapping over the usual paper and bow (too much wasted paper)

i enjoy gifts but not as much as i enjoy giving them. as of right now though i do not have the space nor the use for any appliances, clothes or trinkets. it's funny how the same people will never ask you what you could possibly want and they continue to purchase things that neither mr. wonderful nor i have any use for. now don't misunderstand me please. we are extremely grateful for everything but our whole point of being a part of holiday gift giving is NOT for the gifts but for the people.

we truly enjoy seeing everyone and spending time together. what other time of the year does that happen? it's bothered me for years that families in general just simply do not come together unless there's a holiday attached to it which is probably why i create parties and get togethers as often as possible because most people require some kind of special occasion to feel compelled to even attend. but what about all the other days? if only i could express somehow that the real gift is your time, not your money, not the food you made and not your beautifully wrapped gift. the presence of the people i love is a present, the best kind. sometimes, i think about being radical and not accepting any gifts but i would assume that most people buy gifts for the same reason i do. but i do have to ask, "couldn't we all just bake cookies together and play cards or something?" i'm cool with that.

after reading this article by cheryl richardson, i was impressed by several points she made about "reclaiming your holiday" through five steps that will make for a nice holiday season:

-- temper your expectations
-- mine the past
-- set a new intention
-- start planning

Take a more mindful, deliberate approach to these next couple of months, you'll reclaim your time to spend with people you love.

Monday, November 13, 2006

monday night soccer

played well last night and lost with Team Amanda by one goal. i really wanted to beat this team too. oh wellsies. we're done until next year. after the game, i snuck onto the field with Team Brett and they lost by one goal. i did make a really great shot. it missed so once again, they're done for the rest of the year. thankfully, cc united asked me to come back next week as they are in FIRST place. it will be fun to play one more game before the soccer hiatus. after the games last night, i met Team Amanda at the ale house and enjoyed getting to know everyone better. it really is a great community of people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. this year has been so much fun thanks to soccer and so many other new things happening in my life.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

random happy photo

super sisters: cin, moi and to at my bridesmaid
luncheon back in 2004

Friday, November 10, 2006

i'm here!

so, i arrived in atlanta and everything was so smooth...plane on time, nice people sitting next to me, good take off, good arrival, all of it. but then, the baggage claim devil got me. it took over my experience and i stood in the area searching in the sea of luggage for something that looked like mine. no such luck. it never arrived so i had to file a claim and leave with my dear joy who was tired of circling the airport. we picked up kelly (funny girl) at her house after we got lost. thanks joy. i stepped in dog crap and didn't know until we were driving for at least ten minutes. i had to hold my shoe outside the window until we got to ru san's, a cool sushi restaurant in buckhead. so yummy! while we were there, i got the call...MY BAG ARRIVED!

it was so great to see kelly and catch up and the icing on the whole evening was the arrival of my bag...the one that had everything except magazines in it.

i am here safe and sound and in the presence of super duper people who i am so happy to see. tomorrow we're off to the dedication of baby ella.

off to see my joy

leaving shortly for ATL and couldn't be happier since it's not only friday but the day i get to give a hug to some of the most amazing people God placed in my life who taught me so much about friendship and about family.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

can you say cute?

lost the soccer playoffs - 1 to 0

it was a valiant effort but we didn't score a goal and they did so we're done for the rest of the year. love the team though and the way we all just enjoy having a good time no matter what.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

soccer playoffs tonight!

this could be the last week of soccer on a wednesday night for the rest of '06. hope we advance. results of the below games to come tomorrow. until then, wish the Voodoo Posse luck!

6:35 3)Bud v 6)Cleats
6:35 7)PBSJ v 10)Bs United
7:30 2)Express v 7/10Winner
7:30 8)TM United v 9)Ricardo
8:30 8/9Winner v 1)Ma Papa's
8:30 5)Voodoo v 4)Buckets
look who won it all -- EXPRESS!!
Playoffs Nov 8th
Bud 2 v Cleats 0
Bs United 1 v PBSJ 0
Express 3 v Bs United 0
TM United 1 v Ricardo 0
Ma Papa's 2 v TM United 0
Buckets 1 v VooDoo 0
Final Four Nov 15th
Express 2 v Bud 1
Buckets 2 v Ma/Papa's 2
End of Reg.Buckets 4 v Ma/Papa's 3 (P.Kicks)
Championship Game
Express 3 v Buckets 1
Congratulations to Express
Capt - Mike Nunez
Mvp - Pam Mattheus
HM - Dermit Quigley

thanks gator boy

i was trying to think of a nickname for s.e.g. who i had the pleasure of seeing today at lunch. initially, gator bait came to mind but then hyper boy surfaced. others include bell boy or happy gilmore. still not sure which one to go with so i may try and keep them all and insert into this blog when appropriate. either way, he's cool. i wish him the best this holiday season and remain, as always, available to help when needed.


Okay, I can no longer contain myself. In two, yes TWO, days I will be in Atlanta visiting my bestest frie in the entire universe -- JOY! Who, by the way, is expecting her own little bundle come April. To top it all off, the entire family will be there to witness the dedication of her brother's little baby girl. It's going to be great even though I'm sure it'll go by so quickly. So excited!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It was late and after work when I voted so I didn't get to wear my sticker throughout the day. Thought I'd let the world know here on the blogosphere.

On another note, exactly one year ago today I started this BLOG. My how things have changed in a mere 365 days.

Monday, November 06, 2006

seeing the fracture before the break

i was talking with a good friend last night about how sometimes a friendship can become fractured much like a bone in the body. without proper attention, care and usually, rest, it can never heal properly. what started out as being nothing, turns into a full break of everything that you tried to hold together even after nothing turned into a little something and then a little something more and more and more until one day, crack! everything is different and whatever attempts you made to prevent this from happening is lost. but even with broken bones, you can still live and celebrate what's not broken. and, with time, healing takes place. it reminds me over and over again how God makes each one of us so unique, so special, with our own set of bones that can get hurt or broken.

Reminded today by the following from Rick Warren: You are unique. It’s true. There's not anybody in the world like you. There never has been, and there never will be. When God made you, he broke the mold. God does not create carbon copies; he only creates originals. If you were to search the whole world, you wouldn't find two people who had the same footprint or fingerprint or voiceprint. Each person is unique. Why did God make you different from every person who's ever lived? Why did he go to all that trouble? Because he wants you to know how much you matter to him.

Congrats Linda & Dan!

the little boy is no longer in this belly. linda gave birth last night.
linda's someone's mommy now. amazing!

Dylan Kroha Rosenberg
Born: Sunday, November 5th, 9:41pm
6lbs, 3oz
19 inches long

Saturday, November 04, 2006

mummie glowie's messages

my mother (aka mummieglowie) recently wrote mr. wonderful and i cards for our second year anniversary...we received them a couple weeks ago. after sharing it with the mr., i read them again and couldn't help but appreciate the way she expresses herself from mother to daughter and from mother to daughter and her husband, it was sweet and inspired a moment, a rain moment, to just breathe in and enjoy.

in her card to both of us, she writes:

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.
-- Woodrow Wilson

in a card to me that's already printed, it reads:

My Daughter, Your birth was a joy and a blessing! Having you in my life has provided me with my greatest opportunity for growth, and for that I am grateful. I have come to understand and accept that love has brought us together for a reason. I have learned so much about myself from loving you and learning to accept you as you are. Watching you grow and develop has provided me with some of my greatest joys. Watching you learn from your journey has taught me how to let go. Your talents and potential are extraordinary, and I thank God for the gift of being your parent. Thank you for sharing all that is uniquely you. I love you!

in the same card, she writes:

Dear Baby Girl ____,

May "u" go for the Gusto Glows. My silver living behind my darkest clouds. You, who has the gift to heal everyone around her whose wounds need to be mended. Perhaps other than hers come 2nds??? For the Good of Human Kind w/such depths!!! In return, a Boomerang of Showers of Blessings steering your way.


i enjoyed her brief "surprise" visit the other day. i don't know how she does it but she does and never ceases to amaze me. love you mummieglow!

friends since 1991

rojo, gin-g, et moi

Thursday, November 02, 2006

wrong racquet, new holiday

played racquetball today with a new 47 year old who said to me that from 30 to 47 goes by so fast. i wholeheartedly agreed not because i am 47 but has anyone stopped and smelled the pumpkin lately?? it's NOVEMBER people. what the hay? i blinked and now seven at night feels like ten. by this time, i've got cards already done and gifts already bought. since december will be significantly slower professionally, i guess i'm enjoying the lull in activities and not missing the necessity to hurry up and get it all done before the 25th of december where i am usually a total zombie and not sure how to spell my name from burn out (in a good way, of course) and sheer physical exhaustion. hallelujah! people will receive cards from me in december, maybe even late december, instead of the day after thanksgiving. i just might be able to work out regularly this festive season and avoid gaining the holiday 15 since i'll have some extra time and none of my good friends will send me chocolate or cake for gifts. (still send cake in march please) maybe this year i can make gifts from hand rather than shop online and pay extra for gift wrapping. oooo...maybe i'll make wrapping paper like i did six years ago! this year, i can agree to attend a cookie swap or two (props to rhonda who never gives up on me) instead of creatively excusing myself from attending anything that requires me to bake (seriously, it's not a pretty sight). i can go to the mall for pleasure, for the joy of holiday shopping (woohoo), instead of having to meet with management, spy on workers, pick up donations and fluff trees and display information. i can take some days off in november and before december 24 to just do holiday stuff or here's a crazy one -- relax! for this holiday season, the possibilities are literally endless. at the same time, i can feel the withdrawal setting in as i would normally be preparing for the seven week rush of adrenaline and caffeine. i'll miss the people, the opportunities, the privilege to serve something much bigger than me. to share His love with others and to understand what that really looks like in the faces of hundreds of individuals and families. to stand beside a team of people who are dedicated to the same purpose, the same mission...that is exactly what will forever be a part of who i am and who i strive to be, no matter where i find myself living or working.