Sunday, September 23, 2007


Went with the Knight Fans yesterday to the second game in history at the new stadium. They won by 36 points and there was plenty of water for everyone...Mr. W. and I had a great time watching despite his love for Florida and my lukewarm like for college football. I went to Flagler for a reason. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Knight Fan for a fantastic day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

it's foggy out there

this photo jumped out at me today and said,

"please display me for all to see." so here it is.

voodoo got rained out (boo!) so i enjoyed the opportunity to go home before 8. i got a lot done and had a chance to talk with the mommy-glow. she sounds good. mr. wonderful and i are getting ready for a busy weekend so the objective tonight was to get a head start on the to-do list so we're not totally unorganized next week. he's such a great help! i've learned that if i'm doing something, he will typically jump in too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

season one complete 4 haggis

so the haggis did well last night defeating the first team with seven goals and letting one slip by (it happens). there was a lull between games so we hung out in the stands checking out the competition. then, we were up for our second game. we ended up holding the orange team at 0-0 until the 2nd half when they got a lucky bounce near our goal and it barely hit net. that's the way it works, i guess. so, we're done. we celebrated our third place ranking at ale house. really cool people and i couldn't be more thankful that i continue to be a part of such good teams.

so, here's to haggis and the first season! voodoo plays on wednesday so we shall see what happens.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

friendly fire

today, i went to church with mrs. tag and was amazed by how God connects the dots way before you can. we were discussing the importance of friendship and the investment with those who create a positive difference in our lives. well, we go into the service and the sermon shared was all about Daniel and the friends he surrounded himself with and how that relates to our friendship choices. here are some of my notes...
-- you will in large part be the friends that you choose. their attributes become your attributes.
if that's true, we should be specific about how we decide who to call a friend.
-- there are friends that drain you, and others that sustain you. you have the choice of who to invest choose who surround you.
-- tyrants are people who are tied to a rant. they want their own way and they are quick to get mad if you don't let them. (we all know that person who rants because they just can't be happy and if they don't have something to rant about, they start ranting for you about things you're okay with.)
-- every day we walk in the fire...God is there with us just like he was with Daniel and his friends.
-- back to Nebucbuchadnezzar, tyrants try to get you to bow down because they're right and you're wrong. they are intimidators and manipulators rather than motivators or inspirational. they get mad when you don't agree. (yep, they sure do.)
-- when you are confident in the truth, you don't have to get upset or mad or begin to yell...if you know the truth, you stand on it. the truth is, tyrants are scared. they just want to appear bigger than you. they try and exaggerate the circumstances. they try and make it seem like you are ruining everything for them because they don't want to take responsibility. (TRUE!!)
-- don't invest time and attention into the life of a tyrant. (i've learned my lesson.)

Instead surround yourself with SUPPORTERS:
-- be drawn to those who are committed to loving God and loving you...they inspire you. they want make you want to live a life of Christ.
-- God doesn't save us FROM the fire. He saves us while we are IN the fire. We are in the fire every day. He has plans for you in the fire...

thanks mrs. tag for the adventure today and for understanding the value of a friendship full of support.

and i want to send some love to my be frie ~ THANKS FOR ALWAYS MEETING ME WHERE I AM.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

geri's kids

no photos from last night and today which is fine but this is the third annual event i've gone to and i have zero pics.

enjoyed a leadership conference that was full of good networking and an opportunity to speak about what i've experienced as past membership chair and other roles as a board member. the main thing at the conference was all about connecting the dots. very important in anything you do!

in addition to connecting the dots, i loved the way everyone can relate even though we're not from the same areas or situations. we all have the same provide value for each person.

last night, amy lyn and i went over to geri's to help set up for the dinner. immediately, i found myself getting jealous of all the decor and completed projects they've done to their home. we have such a long way to go...the dinner went incredibly well and everyone enjoyed the time together. i'm looking forward to next year as geri has agreed to contine to host the shindig..perfect! (has nothing to do with how close geri lives to where i live and that amy lyn and i could've walked there if we had wanted to.) they (geri and lee) are awesome!

i am so glad that i've had the chance to meet so many great people in the last three years of QS and hope to continue being a part of it all. from being an intrigued spectator to having the chance to present, it was a great way to solidify the growth that has taken place in such a short time. i'm thankful for it all and for staying involved and passionate about something that has naturally taken me to the next step again and again.

Congrats to the Shah Shah!

so excited for our friends, m&s, and their great news!
(photo taken @ the curry cook off)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thanks SDCC!

we celebrated the success of putting together a great event the other night...AF helped me with getting everyone mouse ears that had their names embroidered on the back. thanks again!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


so, it continues to be evident (unfortunately) that mean people are everywhere...nothing profound i know but seriously, it's disappointing. most of the mean people i've met personally are in the non-mean zones or disguise themselves as friends or those that care about you...they claim to be "nice" and walk around irresponsibly taking what they can and forwarding their underlying agendas all for the purpose of themselves. no one is immune...not their closest friends...not their family members...not their spiritual leaders...not their co-workers. it's sad and all i can say is that LIFE IS TOO SHORT! again, not profound but WHY in the world would you want to live every day thinking of ways to hurt people, especially the people you love? it just doesn't make any sense to me.

so, here's to mean people detox...we've all had to rid our circle of those who can't play nice with others. it's great for moving forward and opening yourself up for quality relationships and strengthening the ones that have withstood the sunny and stormy days of life.

question and message for the meanies out there: how many people do you have to abuse and lose before you realize that the problems all lie within your lack of owning up to your mean side? and even though i'm wasting my finger energy on typing this ...please start focusing on something good in your life so you can stop trying to destroy all the good that's happening for others.

at the end of the day, it's your choice.

Monday, September 10, 2007

new year for rock star mom!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, rock star momma!
See you when you get back from San Fran. Dinner on Saturday night and a show next Friday....Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you're only a day a way!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

in love with ocean reef!

On our way to Ocean Reef with my assigned reading.
i have no idea what's coming...

thanks to the chaz and k, mr. wonderful and i had a great time in Ocean Reef.
if you get a chance,'s a slice of heaven on earth.
here are some of my not-even-doing-this-trip-justice vacation pics:

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

thanks labor day

mr. wonderful and i completed our lucky #7 labor day together. it was low key and relaxing which is always good. getting ready for vaca with chaz & k so it's wonderful to take it easy before it all.

went to the movies and saw MY BEST FRIEND at the Enzian. totally cute movie! met aa's friend from turkey. she was very sweet.

so much to report on today but just don't have it in me right now. hope everyone had a great holiday! will try and catch up before i leave on thursday night for the keys.