Monday, July 10, 2006

celebrating true friendship

Everything I Need to Know about Friendship I Learned from My Women Friends
by BJ Gallagher



ACCEPTS you, warts and all

BELIEVES in your potential
COMFORTS you when you're sad
DELIGHTS in your successes
EMPATHIZES with your struggles
FORGIVES you when you hurt her feelings, just as you do her
GIVES you time and attention
HUGS you. ..often
INSPIRES you to do your best
JUST loves you
KEEPS your secrets
LISTENS with her heart
MAKES you want to be a better person
NEVER judges you
OCCASIONALLY disappoints you 'cause she's human, too
POINTS out your good qualities when you forget
QUESTIONS you when you're about to do something really dumb
RESPECTS your boundaries
SHARES her hopes and fears with you
TELLS you the truth
UNDERSTANDS you, even when you don't understand yourself
VALUES your ideas and opinions
WILL do anything she can to help you
XTENDS a helping hand whenever you need it
YEARNS to hear from you when you're away
ZINGS with joy 'cause you're her friend

Mark your calendars for Friendship Day on Aug. 6th! Tell your friends you love them and why!

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