Thursday, July 20, 2006


" 'Never say never.' People like to say that. Why? Beats us. Some things are really impossible. And sometimes, just sometimes, you should say 'never.' Never round up when guessing someone's age. Never allow your friends to drink and dial. Never stop yourself from saying something nice. Never deny yourself the last bite of something really delicious. Never sunbathe nude in India. Never chew gum in Singapore. Never go against your gut. Never be the one to break the news regarding Santa, the Tooth Fairy or any other personae with good reputations. Never decline a high five. Never take your health for granted. Never hold on to old socks."

From DailyCandy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life

Some of my nevers fluttering around in my mind today:

Never eat a big dinner and then go straight to bed. Never sleep in cheap sheets. Never drive in the fast lane unless you're driving fast. Never be mean or encourage others to be mean. Never get angry for being in rush hour traffic during rush hour. Never drive in the rain if you don't know how or feel uncomfortable...Pull over! Never make fun of people who have to have at least one cup of coffee before they make sense in the morning. Never cook bacon in the nude. Never use the sink or toilet while your husband is showering. Never forget all of the firsts -- days, times, loves, losses, wins. Never shop without having some idea of what you're looking for. Never rush for no reason. Never smoke. Never complain without a suggestion/solution. Never eat mediocre desserts. Never forget to say thank you. Never overlook you're amazing friends...the ones who send you a great card that makes your day. Never stop kissing your spouse. Never live completely unaware of who and what surrounds you. Never use the words, "Because you always do" when trying to convince someone. Never answer the phone with a frown. Never wear uncomfortable shoes for more than 3 hours at a time...It really messes with your mood. Never acknowledge that you are all about something that is not bigger than you. Never slack on calling your mom even if it's just to say "I love you." Never forget how blessed you are. Never deny that you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

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