Sunday, July 09, 2006

Where in the world is my Auntie Mila?

The following is my Auntie Mila's tavel itinerary:

9 Leaving Jax to Atlanta to JFK NY.
11 and 12 Singapore
13 Singapore to Bali
16 Bali to Singapore
17 Singapore to Beijing
18 Tiananmen Square/Temple of Heaven/Imperial Palace/Acrobatic show
19 Great Wall/Ming Tombs/Dingling
20 Summer Palace/Wangfujing Street
21 Beijing to Bangkok
22 Bangkok city tour & shopping
23 Bangkok to Singapore
24 Singapore to Manila
25 Manila to Davao
27 Davao to Manila
27 Manila to Singapore
27 11:50 pm leaving Singapore to Germany to JFK NY
28th Home Sweet Home

Have fun Mila! Safe journey!!! Mahal kita!

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