Wednesday, July 19, 2006

tie game to me time

voodoo doesn't strike again. we tied bud tonight after 40 rigorous minutes when i thought i had pulled a hammy which later turned out to be my quad. oh wellsies...moving on since i won't be able to play next week due to a work commitment. went to chippy's afterward with some of my favorite people for a quick bite.

ted's gone tonight so i am just sitting back and enjoying my solitude. i've never been one that requires constant attention. i enjoy people, company, guests, visitors -- unexpected and expected -- but sometimes, i really like to just be alone to think, to digest, to pray, to ponder, to revel, to appreciate, to remember, to understand, to just be. it's so peaceful, so important to just touch base with yourself every so often. deep breath in, deep breath out. this is nice...real nice.

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