Wednesday, November 09, 2005

JEM is truly outrageous!

These are the Days that must happen to you. You shall scatter with a lavish hand all that you learn or achieve, and those who love you shall rise to your example and be inspired.
Walt Whitman

Synergy...Rio...Whatever happened to my pink-haired friend, Jem? I had the earrings and would proudly wear them to school. Not only were they pink stars but they would light up just like hers. I think I finally let them go in high school. The pink had faded and the batteries were dead. Oh the 80's! So much fun and we didn't even know it.

So, today is a very busy day in work land. Hundreds of people are trying to get assistance with the upcoming holidays and I have been helping get the info into the computer. Qutie fulfilling and eye opening. After Brian and I worked together to catch the system up, we took a break and watched C and N make Raggedy Ann dolls...No, not really. They were prepping yarn for the angels.

After work, I got a chance to sneak a quick bite with Sue and Jan. Great salad and pumpkins! We are going dancing and maybe entering a bikini contest! Haha! Okay, we can shop for swimsuits. No worries! I dropped off the girlsies and headed to class. Tonight was all about Crisis Communication and Media Relations. Super interesting when we shared war stories. It really is amazing what some professionals have to subject themselves to. Cell phones have really changed the industry and our privacy!

Dinner at the M's -- April 13 and Dec. 30 -- Always a good time. They are just beautiful people. The kids were running around playing football with squirrel and raccoon masks. LE was on the swing. She is growing up -- so are the others. Food was great! Conversation always great! A quick trip to CF was fabulous! Eli is and will continue to be the type of person you can be real with and feel comfortable being around no matter what the situation. Ya gotta love a girl like that! Never will forgot the strawberry jam and jelly! Mr. Wonderful didn't make it so he missed out.

Here's to dancing and being REAL! Here's to another day of really moving through the world as ME!

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