Friday, November 11, 2005

Bright lights

The person we all love and appreciate is the one who's coming in the door when everyone else is going out.
Mason Canon

Today, I begin with the bright TV lights...They were so bright, I had to close my eyes...

It is I, DragonFLY with Keith Landry doing a taping of Orlando Matters.

A total BONUS morning in so many regards...It was great to see JS from the Orlando Science Center. He gave me free tickets for the upcoming new James Cameron movie that is showing in their IMAX theatre. While I was there, I got free concert tickets from the hottest weather guy in all of Central Florida -- Jim Van Fleet. He is in a band called Sandstone that will be performing at the Hard Rock Live on Dec. 16. So going! I don't even like country music but it would be fun to try. He spent Thanksgiving with us last year and we ended up getting on the FOX 35 promo about being "out in the community." Jim ROCKS even though he's from Oklahoma. After cleaning up the drool, I headed out to Chipotle for a quick bite. Yumalicious! Love that place. I asked if they had many people dress up on Halloween for their free burrito promotion and they said yes! Everyone came as Chipotle Burritos wrapped in tin foil. I so wish I would've remembered that!!

Festival of Trees with Candice and TR -- what a great time!! My hair looked so Eva Longoria...Of course, she wears a double zero in clothing...

It's good to be home wearing no shoes and just relaxing.

Weekend here I come!

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