Monday, November 07, 2005

Down Doggie

George Colman

ToJo is45! Happy Birthday!

According to the Fortune-Telling Birthday Book, To is... will love with strength and ardor and demand the same from your mate. You love travel and change of scene and can readily adapt yourself to any environment. You are generous and kind. It gives you a great deal of pleasure to help others...

Check out ABOUT ME for my birthday book summary.

Went out of town to spend some time with family...Had dinner with Mr. Wonderful's parents on Friday night. Mr. Wonderful's dad grilled up some delicious salmon in the egg. Those of you who don't know about the egg are really missing out. Ooooooweeee....It was yummy! Trish and Ted are the master entertainers. Their home is welcoming and so inviting, you almost don't want to leave. It's become a home away from home for us. After dinner and putting Fab Father in law to sleep, we stayed up talking with Trish. Time to express, to digest, to feel what you're thinking is so important. I found myself revealing what I know in my heart and head, but not what I can express to another person. Saying it out loud, giving a thought life through breathing it, can change the effect. Sometimes you can heal it and sometimes you can see it more clearly.

In the a.m., we got up early for a Saturday and went over to the Awesome Aunt and Uncle for some coffee...Of course, they don't just make coffee! Uncle Awesome filled us up with a delicious french toast dish made of challah bread and strawberry sauce and my all time favorite -- whipped cream! Coffee at their house is always a tastey treat not just 'cuz of the food but the company too. We are trying to talk Auntie Wonderful into opening her own wedding planning business. She's always coordinating something. Then there's Uncle Wonderful AKA the BEST BAKER...He needs to open a place called Uncle Awesome's Kitchen. It could just be an online biz. They'd both make millions!

On Sunday, To and I went to a YOGA class. The best place to do Yoga according to Folio Weekly. No mirrors, wood floors...Just To and about 12 other people and their mats. The heat was on and I was sporting a new Yoga shirt that breathes as well as plastic. We rocked the studio considering we were the newbies! I really love the relaxation and the awareness that Yoga creates...Just taking the time to breathe and to stretch feels so incredibly calming. At one point, the instructor asked everyone to "let everything go." I felt a weight lift off of me and one tear fall down my face. During the final pose, I pictured the tops of trees with leaves rustling and a clear blue sky in the background...It's such a beautiful sight and one that I have actually experienced.

I am currently partnering with a couple other ladies who shall remain nameless -- let's just nickname them Sue and Jan -- on trying to rev up our Health Awareness. I can't complain so far since I am making a conscious effort to eat better and exercise more. To the women I love and am strengthened by, don't let me go and I won't let you go either.

Cuzzy E has hooked me up! I have the soundtrack to Grey's Anatomy. Even though I've never watched the show, I am totally loving the music. Here's what's on it:

1. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
2. Ruby Blue - Roisin Murphy
3. Song Beneath The Song - Maria Taylor
4. Where Does The Good Go - Tegan & Sara
5. Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well - Mike Doughty (Of Soul Coughing)
6. Wait - Get Set Go
7. Could Be Anything - The Eames Era
8. Portions For Foxes - Rilo Kiley
9. The City - Joe Purdy
10. End Of The World Party - Medeski, Martin & Wood
11. Catch My Disease (Live Version) - Ben Lee
12. There's A Girl - The Ditty Bops
13. Whatever Gets You Through Today - The Radio
14. Fools In Love - Inara George
15. Cosy In The Rocket - Psapp

Last thought for this moment...Love to my little brother, who always makes me laugh and who I know will make an amazing father. We talked on the phone for almost an hour last night. Of course, he was totally distracted by the "babies" in the room. Oh yea, what's his birthday fortune?

You are very courageous and have keen perception and an analytical mind. You like society, travel popularity and you are led by your ambitions. You do not let unpleasant surroundings disturb you. You are an ardent lover.

Except for the "ardent lover" part and the "like society" bit, I feel it's pretty close. Wouldn't know about either of those myself. HE IS MY BROTHER!! If I had to write one myself, it would say the following:

You are very strong and have a sense of humor that cushions any difficulty you or anyone around you experiences. You are realistic, intelligent and fastidious with your work. You love your big sister even though you still haven't taken her to Halloween Horror Nights.

Pretty close...What d'ya think?

My brother, dragonFLY and our mommy-glow in October '04.

Buy my brother's baby stuff at the following (we aren't shy): (Baby Depot)

Peace today. Eat something green and nutritious for me! Not scallions, anything but scallions.

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