Monday, November 14, 2005

embrace change

Growth means change, and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.
George Shinn

So busy today...That's why I'm late in getting my thoughts out here. All I did was work. Lunch was work. My errands were work. Even dinner tonight with Mr. Wonderful was work. There were work calls during dinner and our conversation revolved around his work. So, no more work in this outpour. There's got to be more to my day...

I can rewind to yesterday where I heard the funny saying, "I stepped out of the fire, into the poo." What do you do? Throw away the shoes, maybe? Try something new on, a new approach and a new way to deal with it all. Being responsible, being mature, being bigger than your circumstances.

I talked to KT tonight who is holding her first Soul Collage class this Saturday. I remember when this was a mere idea...A possibility for her. So, this weekend she is sharing her idea with 20 other women who will no doubt be inspired by just the follow through of an idea, of an expression and the action taken to create something special to nurture and encourage their spirits.

I discovered Salon Ciseaux's website today...That's a great place for people to take on something new...A new look, a change for the better. Check it out Step into the life you were intended to live.

...sample change embracing...

a photo of my brother, cousin E, my childhood bestfriend TD and I in pyramid formation.

my brother with my engagement ring

China Girl's birthday and the barbershop quartet..."five string quartet"

DragonFLY and Mr. Wonderful -- just married!

The following today inspired my spirit:

The element of genius. Indeed does genius have a shape or a form? If we cannot spot it by size or shape than how do we know we're in its presence? Might we have been privileged to witness moments of genius in Oprah Winfrey's vision these past 20 years. During which genius or something akin to it inspired millions of her fellow Americans to stand tall in their personal lives and reach beyond their limits. That genius is echoing still in the hearts and minds of the many who were encouraged to nurture the goodness in themselves and ready themselves to take the reigns of their lives into their own hands and hold them firmly and have a say in what direction their journey through life should take. In these past 20 years, America's media industry as extraordinary as it was would have been considerably less vibrant without the genius of Oprah Winfrey or something akin to it. As an audience, you have seen her vision on your screen. As a friend, I have seen it in action. For 20 years, it has remained something to behold. Congratulations Oprah from all of us for those past 20 years and for the light you've brought that shines so brightly on those who need it most.

Sydney Portier, Oprah's Best and Worst Show, 20 years

Wow! What an amazing surprise on her show today.

What about something from WISE WOMEN?

Sister Mary Christabel, 80


Off to dreamland where we may run into each other...Hope to see you there!

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