Wednesday, May 17, 2006

summer sisters

last night, i tried something new. i went to a neighborhood book club. i was invited by my friend suzanne from wesh. we started talking months ago about the connection that gets missed in every day life. she valued her book clubs, she's a member of two, and how it makes a group of people get together and discuss their views on not only the book but their life. it's a very revealing process but it's good for the soul. i left feeling a part of something that didn't have a lot of rules except just show up and participate. my only regret is that i didn't read the entire book -- Summer Sisters by Judy Blume -- but i did find myself contributing anyway. (so unlike me, i know) they have a nice system that rotates the location and the one who chooses the book. the person who hosts, picks the book and kind of gets things going when everyone sits down to discuss it. they meet once a month and not only discuss book stuff, but also neighborhood gossip. that was my least favorite part. i really came to talk about the book and to see how it all works. i realize that in most social settings -- structured or not, you've got to have that time. the time to catch up and get the latest from those you've grown close but haven't seen in weeks. it's a nice dynamic and one that i'm glad i got to experience.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

Everybody's talking about Judy Blume!"The emotional connection a person can form with one true friend can be the mostformative experience in a person's life. In Summer Sisters, Judy Blume explores the friendship that spans 18 years in the lives of two women and the lasting effect this relationship has on both ofthem....Summer Sisters is her first foray into adult fiction in nearly 15 years, and it is well worth the wait....Blume creates a rich tapestry of characters, revealing all the hidden emotions lying beneath the surface. Summer Sisters is an exceptionally moving story that can leave the reader laughing and crying at various points, sometimes at the same time. Blume's talent lies in creating characters you can see yourself in, and, hopefully, we won't have to wait another 15 years for her to delve into the adult landscape again."--The Denver Post

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Kelly said...

my best friend from high school gave me this book a few summers back. i thought it was really touching, you should definitely finish it.

it's funny, i was never allowed to read judy blume growing up.