Thursday, May 11, 2006

rain break

Receive the present moment -- pleasant or unpleasant -- just as it is.

new co-workers took me out to lunch today and instead of having a nice stroll back to the office, it was raining so hard i could barely see where i was stepping. james and jeff didn't have heels on either so i stood in front of a building contemplating whether i should continue the torture of soaking myself or if i should just stay in front of the building until the rain passed. of course, i chose to go for it and everything was drenched.

later tonight, i was pulling into where i live and lo and behold, another strike of rain comes rushing down right when i was about to get out of the car. what's with the rain and me today?

i couldn't help but be upset but then i remembered the people across town who have been dealing with fires because of how dry it's been. i remembered how one of my favorite things to do back in the day was to play in the rain. this week has been hectic and it's not emptying into a nice relaxing weekend. in fact, the weekend, will be more difficult than my week. in moments like today, when the rain is coming down on me so hard and all i can do is question "why" because i've got a million things to do and this shouldn't be happening to me, i am reminded of how i need to take a rain break. it's different from a "rain check", a rain break requires a break from it all and to just let the water fall over me and feel something so that i don't miss my moments, the precious ones, they're not forever but only for that second. like the raindrops, they are always falling, wherever i go.

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