Wednesday, May 03, 2006

other loralei

Find your Joy and cherish it.

The journal entry below reminds me of my old journal as a teenager -- thoughts by my 13 year old mind:

Joy's in town for a conference so last night I picked her up and we headed to my place for some serious Gilmore Girls viewing. We started by stopping for a delicious slurpee which strangely, are not available in Georgia. What's wrong with them peoples? I talked to her momma for a minute. Her voice always lifts my spirits. We ran into Ted on our way into the neighborhood. We began viewing past episodes from the last few weeks while Ted worked his magic in the Johnson Curry Kithen. The stuff is wonderful and makes my mouth water just thinking about it! Since Joy was starving, I brought out the "fancy" cheese and crackers with sliced cherry tomatoes and served it all up with a smile. I guess I can confess that during the curry prep., I took a bite of the saag paneer. Shame on me! Last night's episode left you hanging and wanting more since Loralei admitted to her mother that things were not happening with her and Luke. This mention came after her mother went on and on about a house she wanted to buy them as a wedding present. Oh, what a tragedy! Why can't they just get married and have "heated discussions" like everyone else? Rory and Logan seem okay but it makes me wonder with his family and all if things will ever work out. Okay, so obviously I love the Gilmore Girls and can't wait for the Season Finale! For Ted's sake, we went ahead and watched American Idol too before taking Joy back to her hotel. As usual, I agreed with Simon on a lot of his comments. Chris is a hottie and a mini Vin Diesel. Gotta love Vin!

Joy and I's fave line this Gilmore season -- "Oh my gosh, Jackson's so getting under my bra tonight!"

Thanks Joy for listening to the other stuff...It's all part of my process on learning how and why things like that happen.

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