Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fail to prevail

ran into a girl from high school today at a new restaurant, sandra, who played soccer for two years at CHS. last night, at janice's birthday dinner, i ran into Otis Smith, who just got promoted to GM of the Orlando Magic. then, behind us was John Morgan, who ate dinner with us. He is so "for the people" with his black amex card. at least that's what our server said.

i walked down to the library in the rain and thought i was going to have lunch with shannon but she wasn't there. it was nice to be out in the rain though. if you read my previous blog about rain break then you'd know why. this time, i did have a nice umbrella.

words that start with F: yesterday, i took a huge test and came away feeling pretty cruddy about the way i did. of course, i really won't know until i get the results which will hopefully be before the end of this week. this is one of those moments where if i failed, i failed and i have to just be ready to try again. in the process of getting to feeling ready, i'm just feeling the possibility. then, i keep telling myself..."well, at least you took the test!" what's the saying? it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. i don't think it totally applies here but for those who know me, i know you're impressed that i used it. everyone who loves me continues to remind me that i did fine but i just can't help but trust my gut on this one. i guess to prolong the torture, i can't wait until i get the results. maybe they lost them and they'll never arrive. then FAIL won't be acknowledged and if it's not then it never really happened.

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