Friday, May 26, 2006

the Kitchen and other L-haps

went to the Kitchen at Hard Rock Hotel yesterday with Candice. (no pictures -- darn!) got to meet their pr girl -- she was great! the whole experience was...the peanut crusted wings were so delicious! i got to watch Chef Evan make them right before my very eyes. what a fabulous place to hang out and have fun and relax all at the same time. try the fish tacos and the ahi tuna. yum, yum!

last night was ID night. tony hooked us up with dessert sushi. their regular sushi is great too and now, they are on to the fruit thing. we got mango and banana sushi. it was amazing and very light. it's the perfect alternative to doing dessert low fat and healthy. it's not on the menu so we were happy to be taste testers. love the dynasty!!!

stopped by the gym yesterday. too late for step class. ended up doing 30 mins. on the treadmill. you get to see everyone that way. i wanted to stay in the steamroom forever. it's good to be back since the knee and the not walking well for several weeks.

leaving the office today at 1 p.m. what a nice surprise! everyone is in such a good mood today...that must be why.

dinner tonight with theo and cathy. we've got mucho money/gift certificate at stonewood tavern grill to burn so it should be fun!

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