Friday, May 05, 2006

slice of life and savoring every bite

Sometimes SILENCE is the best answer.

When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

When you LOSE, don't LOSE the lesson.

In disagreements, deal only with the current situation.
Don't bring up the past.

Three R's to REMEMBER:

R espect for self
R espect for others
R esponsibility for all your actions

I could write a novel after each one of these statements based on experiences, examples both bad and good and how the world operates according to my perception. Take the first one, "Sometimes SILENCE is the best answer." Sometimes you just know nothing you say will make a difference to another person. No matter how much they try to control and manipulate a situation, you just know if you give a glimpse of trust to them, they will abuse it which is a great segue into "When you lose, don't lose the lesson." Through loss, you find truth and you find something closer to what you are which is opposite to what you're deciding to let go of. To choose something that no longer accepts you, that wants you to be and act like something you're not is a sure way to lose your essence, your uniqueness, what makes you special. I was talking to an old friend, an old soul today and through our conversation we realized that we just don't have time to waste on living life outside of who we are because before you know it you're diagnosed with brain cancer and losing the ability to function in every day life. None of us know when or what it will be. It's such a cliche, but the meaning is so universal. That brings me to the three R's -- Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for all your actions. All are easy to talk about but at times, very difficult to do. If we respect ourselves, we respect other people. Typically, disrespect is a direct result of someone acting out because they don't respect who they are. Responsibility -- now that's a good one. I recently experienced firsthand how convenient responsibility and the choice to take it can happen. A person decides that to get out of something, they forget to take responsibility for what they did. It's a cop out and a cowardly way to deal with life or people that you claim to love, to think of as family. I know they can't help it because they've never done anything different. I can no longer choose to be okay with that because then I would be disrespecting who I am striving to be. The sad part of it all is people who lack responsibility will never find true joy or happiness. Part of finding joy, is being able to acknowledge your weaknesses and what makes you human. If you consistently live in world where it is always their fault, not yours, you are missing out on you, the real you. "When you make a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it." There's that third "R" again. And, if you don't agree with someone do the following -- "Deal with the current situation, don't bring up the past." To do this, you have to know that by harping on what once was, you are not going to move forward. The majority of what surrounds us all, moves forward -- time, nature, the wind, why can't we? What an amazing force we'd all become if we would just let go and go forth without reservation or what once was holding us back? Open your arms to living and just fly...Awe yes, now, that's life!

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