Tuesday, August 01, 2006

thinking of jennifer

I was perusing the blogosphere and came across one that has been written by a 50 year old guy who has lost three of his four children in the last four years. His voice is very distinct and insightful on what his grief has brought him and where he is now knowing there's less years of life ahead of him than ever before.

It is always tempting to put things off another week, another month, another year, but if I do that, I will put off living life forever.

In the end, as so many people drift away and are lost at the end of frayed tethers of letters, all that seems to remain is family, and some friends as close as family.So many moves in my life, so few roots in so many ways.

How do you lose a child? How? The thought is painful enough. It brings me back to realizing how vulnerable we all are to reality, to death, to suffering.

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