Wednesday, August 02, 2006

letting go vs. holding on

letting go so that i may appreciate why i held on. i don't have to do everything to be anything. i can just be me and hold on to what is true. there are so many imposters. things, situations, peole who pose as one thing to only serve their own purposes. by moving forward, i see clearly what He has placed before me. in the end, no one will look at my gpa, church attendance record, bank account, drivers license or my credit score to define who i was or what my life was all about. it is my heart, those i loved, those moments i shared and the difference i made with it all while i was here.

i let go.
you go.
you go and i hold on.
i hold on.
to you.
you go and i hold on.
i hold me.
for me.
i go for me and i hold on.

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