Sunday, August 20, 2006

all around weekend

lovely friday night with the lotz's at seasons and their friend, larry, who is a registrar for a really cool art gallery in new york city. i am being added to his christmas card list because the man designs his card all year long. can't wait to get it. in addition, he is dating a girl who designs all of the white homeware stuff for anthropoligie. that's got to be a cool job...designing stuff, seeing it actually get made and knowing that hundreds of people have your work in their homes. neat-o!

talked to joy! i just love that girl. she is a true frie! hope to see her soon...her and marty are making the house on rosestone the place to be. let me know when you need the dragonfly and i'll be there!

saturday was a good day of overcast weather which inspires me to needed this time. i went through tons of stuff, paperwork and several boxes in the office and got it in shape to make it find-able and pretty. before the office makeover, ted and i got some fuel while enjoying a fine brunch that morning with friends at first watch. did you know that the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards? that night, we got take out at ID which is always a plus. i got to see firsthand while waiting for my food, the joys of satellite was barely raining and there was no signal on their set. go cable people! the dish is so unreliable...

sunday was fabulous weather...enjoyed doing the canoe thing with ted down the wekiva river. excellent relationship therapy. guess who sits in the front of the boat? me!! met up with the lotz's down at the park. happy to see maya too! it's been awhile. ted and i could've stayed all day long but they were wanting to get some mexican food. headed over to soccer that night for a little scrimmage. scored a goal and had about ten shots on goal. i wasn't connecting as well this time. plus, we played with the sun in our eyes. i was surprised i could drive home afterward.

off to the's going to be a busy one but very exciting too!

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