Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the old way is okay

so i've been neglecting my online writings and reverting back to the old fashioned ways of recording my thoughts, my you remember the pen and paper thing? it's funny how it works...found myself rubbing in the ink stains and trying to find a flat surface that could be comfortably written on. when i am in the mood to write about something, i write and lately, i find that my hand can barely keep up with the amount of words that fly onto the paper. but, it works! brilliantly too! to add to this excitment, i am almost finished with what is probably my 25th journal. i've never actually counted but there are many. i've also got many blank ones in waiting. through my travels, i pick a new one up...that is, of course, if there's one that calls my name. the last one was purchased in london. to shop at the camden market was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip. if only i had dressed warmer, the entire experience would be one of the best. regardless of the chill factor, i was very happy with the shopping purchases which not only included a great new journal but a sterling silver ring that is frequently worn on the left thumb (something new i added to my daily jewelry routine), a t-shirt for my brother that read, "dolphins are gay sharks" (later i found out his girlfriend has a dolphin tattoo...oops!) and little glass boxes with really great designs (they packaged them too so they'd travel safely back to the U.S.). to think, i was only there for about an hour. ted found a hat. again, we were freezing so i truly believe he would've purchased a ski suit if he had had another 30 minutes. back to journaling, it is absolutely one of my all time favorite things to do. over the weekend, i went to a great event called "speaking of women's health." the most valuable take-away for me was not the loreal gift bag with over a $100 worth of products...but the idea of starting a "best thing of the day" journal. those of you who are anti-journaling because of the time commitment and the guilt of not doing it every day can take this idea and run with it. it requires less than a minute a day. she suggested writing down the best thing of the previous day in the morning so you can spend the entire day paying close attention to the best things for an entire 24-hour period. imagine...everyone looking for the best in their days instead of focusng on the worst AND even better...writing it down so it can be a testament that the best existed for each of us on that particular day, during one of those small moments that if we're not careful, we can completely miss because we're busy waiting for the big ones. i fell in love with the idea and have already recorded some of the best things in the old paper journal.

best thing of the day: theo imitating hurricane ernesto

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