Monday, August 14, 2006

hello monday, goodbye weekend

lovely couple of days saturday and sunday ended up being.

friday kicked it off right with a trip to tampa and back for work. got back in enough time to hit the gym and head over to the lotz's to watch the ever-so-dreamy matthew mcconaughey in failure to launch. you too can see this movie because i actually own it. yep! i'm adding it to my dvd collection. let's see...that makes about 11 or 12 now. wow! i've got to get some new shelves or a storage bin.

saturday arrived quite nicely with nice weather and an agenda full of nothingness so with that, ted and i were able to create whatever we wanted. we went above and beyond by going to breakfast (imagine that) at the maitland first watch. our nothingness agenda was destroyed when we discovered that the new addition to our car family was sounding ill. we drove it down to the honda doctor where they gladly told us that the alignment was way accident off...i promise i haven't hit anything! really people!! to top it off with a big fat cherry, the honda, my new car, requires super duper diva tires which are of course, tres expensive. so, to celebrate this news, ted and i decided to get hair cuts on a saturday, aka busiest day of the salon work week. we dared ourselves to try and get an appointment with the extremely popular and prego, cathy, on a day when salon ciseaux has absolutely no parking...none! we did it (it's all about who you know) and got out of there before the sun went down. we ran into some of the get along gang and ted invited everyone over to eat leftovers. that was great considering i was planning to sit and read this new book my boss at work hooked me up with. we're talking intellectual fodder for the brain -- two of the shopaholic books by sophie kinsella. i am in the middle of shopaholic says i do, gets married, something like that. jmo was right. you could read these during a layout session poolside or in the tub. they're fun, light and not too over the top so you can somewhat relate. so, all this to say, that saturdays are like a box of just never know what you're gonna get. a whole lot of nothingness turned into a great big of everything!

sunday was planned out from the get go. i am happy to report that i made it to the soccer scrimmage where i scored one of the last goals of the evening. it was not the highlight, far from it because one of the guys -- jim, also a member of the voodoo posse, did a pele kick. what's a pele kick you ask? basically, it's a back flip that somehow propels your foot to hit the ball and kick it into the goal. totally amazing! seriously, i think i've only ever seen pele on tv do this.

so, here we are on monday and i can't believe i'm still typing. today was extremely busy at work...i like it though because it makes me feel more and more part of the team. i really do love the team. they're good people that i have enjoyed getting to know. kena's super! rei's fun! jmo's cool! fi's on vaca. this week but i still like her anyway because she's australian. had a great lunch today with some prsa folks. left the office on the late side due to time getting ahead of me. it worked out traffic wise since i had to meet ted at the tire place with the very sick honda. she's not good when she's down like this. so, how much are the tires going to cost? over six hundred dollars...i feel the fire in my wallet. ouch! yes, you read "six" and then you read "hundred" and instead of my wish coming true for it to be in pennies, it's actually stayed as dollars. i remember paying two hundred dollars in college on tires for the vw golf and thinking that was outrageous. i guess i have to dip into the "oh no! fund" which is always a bummer but that's why it's called, "oh no!" so, again, ted and i wanted to commemorate this highway robbery by cleaning our other two cars this evening. well, wait a sec. it was me cleaning, scrubbing, drying and he did what most guys do...played with the water hose. yes, a very important job but it's only part of the process but then again, i'm just happy he participated. yay ted!

to end this overdone outpour, i will review and conclude that after all of this, i'm still so grateful, even soon to be without six hundred big ones in the bank. my life is constantly moving forward and i'm just trying to make sure i've got the right wheels (had to do it) to keep me on this crazy road. some days it feels like the audobon, others are a total dirt road with lots of holes full of mud and big sharp pointy rocks. but hey! i'm on it and i am lovin' the drive.

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