Thursday, February 23, 2006

to love or to fear - choose

In every moment, we teach either love or fear. As we demonstrate love towards others…we learn how to love more deeply.
Marianne Williamson

By dwelling on the negative of the situation, you end up giving it power. The other day, Kathy and I were talking and she pointed out how incredibly powerful we all are and we don't even know it. So you ask yourself, "What am I afraid of?" "Where do I feel powerless at times?" It all boils down to fear...Fear sits in the driver seat way too often for many of included. Fear of change. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of not being enough. Fear of being wrong. Fear of trusting too much. Fear of not being true to yourself. Fear of not loving others the way you should. Fear of missing opportunities. BUT, when love drives us, we can sit back and smile because of what LOVE is. With love, we change and we can be okay through it because it's love. With love, we can heal no matter what the situation. With love, we can make mistakes because it doesn't stifle us it only makes us stronger. With love, we are enough, we are just perfect. With love, we are neither right nor wrong because love is bigger than that. With love, there is trust and you want more love and less and less fear to really live. With love, you find truth and you can accept who you are from the good to the bad. With love, you act in love to your friends, your family, your enemies, others, animals, creation. With love, there are endless possibilities so you experience more than you ever would with fear. With love, you are with God because that's what He is.

Love and love deeply...Hmmm...What would that look like for the world? What would that look like through the eyes of God?
Last night the VOODOO tied against team Guiness. I decided to try and fit Pilates in before the game so I ran a bit late. The stretching makes a huge difference in my energy level. When I first started on this "find my lost soccer player" journey, I was hesitant to get involved and really communicate on the field. What's crazy is that is the very thing that makes the game work and pulls the team together. We may not have won but we were having a good time and talking to one another which is what it's all about.
Ginger (yes, I am writing directly to you right here) PLEASE take care of your ankle!!! Love your ankle...Do it OR I'll get Ms. Tracy on you.

Other tidbits of my life these days include working with the best photographers in the world on the annual report. Check out Brian and Wendy are angels sent straight from God...They are committed to doing a great job and making sure everyone is treated with care. I LOVE 'em.

To add some more excitement to my life, I am getting ready for a huge test (literally) and this morning was one of the last study sessions with my partners in crime -- the triple "L" team. I hope we all get the thumbs up because we've worked too hard to not all succeed. APR here we come!!

Earlier this morning, I wrote my bestfriend Joy a card. Some days I just miss her...Not because of the activities we would be doing or the project we'd be creating together or the coffee we'd be drinking but just because of the friendship, the "okay with whoever we are today attitude" and hanging with that for however long we have. Lately, it's been limited and not just Joy and Lorelie time but that's okay because it's such a breath of fresh air to be around a friend who I can just "be" with and not have to think about being anything else. (pausing point for prayer today for Joy) I just prayed for Joy and for whatever strength or support she needs today.

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Fairy Tales and Fireflies said...

You're the bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love you very much and I miss you too.