Thursday, February 09, 2006

east of paris

Candice and Lorelie trying to play it cool at East of Paris on Park Ave.

Fish and chips in a Scottish newspaper! First time for everything!! I was hanging with Crazy Candice today for lunch at East of Paris, a soon to be jazz supper club. Come for the food, stay for the jazz! I mainly enjoyed the penne pasta. Yummmmyyy!

It made up for losing the soccer game last night against the white team. I must say the one goal that our team did make, was by far the best one the whole night. Go J. Brown!

Oh well, off to imperial later tonight and step with the 6 month pregnant instructor!

Lesson learned: Always pay your electricity bill on time.

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Fairy Tales and Fireflies said...

6 months pregnant and she's still teaching step? There should be a limit to some people's ability! Geez!