Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spasiba LACOMKA!

Simple pleasures are the best.

Lunch at LACOMKA with Candice Coleman. What's LACOMKA? Well, listen up all you people into cuisine that will make your mouth sing...It's a Russian Bakery and Deli that specializes in CAKES! Heaven on earth, my friends. The owners are total angels who bring you right into their little Ruski family. They teach you all about the love and the cabbage. I couldn't help but be taken back to my summer in Moldova. Dill, sunflower seeds, mineral water...I was blurting out the Russian as if I knew what I was saying...In some ways, I guess I do. They complimented my accent which means that I can pass as a part philipino Russian girl. Priviet! (hi) Priatna pasnikomitza! (nice to meet you) Still got it! I even remember how to write my name in Russian. It's starting to look a little insecure since it's been nearly 10 years since my trip to the Black Sea. Back to what's important, PLEASE GO AND TRY THIS PLACE! It's on Semoran in Winter Park. No diets please ALTHOUGH all the Russian women in this fine establisment looked super skinny and model slim in their extra small levi's. Yummy good and worth the trip! They gave me little Russian candies TO GO...Too sweet!! You can eat Russian cake and candy and still be skinny. I knew this would one day come true. :-)

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