Saturday, July 24, 2010

Playing Is One of the Healthiest Things You Can Do

It's State Park Appreciation month or something that allows people to get into the state parks for free. We headed to Wekiwa Springs for a day on the river but it was already full so we ended up at Wekiva Island. Fabulous place to be on a beautiful day. The Super Shah's joined us for a canoe trip down the river so we rented our green island vessels and started our journey down the great Wekiwa River. This was baby girls' third time down the river so she had her routine figured out including looking for "chomp chomps" and feeding the "fishies" once we got close to the state park. We tied our boats together and got out for a quick swim which was very refreshing. Along the way, I spotted quite a few alligators, a couple of turtles, several birds and lots of fish. On the way back, it was getting late and the river was getting quieter. Thankfully there were parts where our boat and the Shah's boat were the only ones out there. There's something really special about being on the water when it's so quiet. Baby girl and Baby Shah were having so much fun and seemed to quickly follow each other whether it was turning away from me every time I wanted to take a picture or walking together holding hands. I just knew they'd be friends. After we finished canoeing, we sat and enjoyed the Island by rehydrating and listening to music. Baby Shah found a pool table and Baby girl found a big dog named "Kitty." We decided to grab a snack and instead of a small paper bowl of fries, I got three hamburgers and two orders of fries. I think there were boiled peanuts too. What a day! An adventure, as usual and all within walking distance of where we live.

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