Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dare to reach out to someone you haven't met

So, a random thing happened a couple of Fridays ago. Mr. Wonderful and I were enjoying date night at Bonefish Grill and during the 30 minute wait, we met a really nice couple who also has a little girl and recently (like us) discovered how nice it is to get out and have some time alone together. We exchanged cards and decided to try a play date...just the girls while her Mr. Wonderful went golfing and mine was working on his project. Because we just met each other, I decided it would be fun to meet somewhere new a splash park or a playground. So we went to Trailblazer Park in Lake Mary. There was a $2 admission fee for the splash area. It was incredibly hot, but thankfully the park was ready for fun and splashing. Unfortunately, the baby girl wasn't incredibly interested in getting wet so our new friends headed over to the picnic area for some snacks and my little one headed straight to the swings. By the way, both my new friend's daughter and baby girl were wearing the same swim shirt with long sleeves and a colorful butterfly on the front. I also got to meet a friend of hers who is a photographer in town. She had a little boy who was ready to go the moment we got there. So, we did some playing in the park and decided to call it a day once the heat got to both of us. I really appreciated how she said, "you meet new people and you never know if it's going to work out so I'm glad this did." It was just really nice and I want baby girl to appreciate her friends...the old and the new ones you meet unexpectedly along the way.

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