Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bowling with My Baby

Mr. Wonderful, Tina and I took the baby girl bowling for the first time on Saturday night. As I said to Tina, she won't remember it, but she had a great time going up to the lane and helping roll it down. She used a 6 lb. ball that was orange. We would step up to the line and we'd count 1...2...3...BOWL! She would then step on the center of our lane and the next one to watch it roll down to hit the pins. That became the main attraction. Forget rolling the ball. I can stand on this cool metal mini lane mommy even though you're telling me not to. Of course, it's always good to catch up with Tina. She's such an awesome bowler and just a wonderful friend. Seriously, the girl could've been a pro bowler. She hasn't played in two years and goes out on the first game and gets a Turkey (3 strikes) and then breaks a 100 by frame six. I think her final score on the first game was 191. The second was 17?...She asked that I not publish such a low score. Ummmm...Ok. I bowled just a few more points than my two year old and I could only wish for 170-something. Yet another reason why I love that girl. So, Operation First Time Bowling with Baby Girl was a great success!

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