Wednesday, April 05, 2006

transition week


Saturday/Sunday - Savannah with Joy
Sunday/Monday - Jacksonville with Ted and Trish, lunch at Hala's
Monday - Jillin' with Deb
Tuesday - sorting and Jacksonville with Michelle in the new "Not a mom car"
Wednesday - Melbourne with Tracy (ART FEST April 22-23) and soccer game (we tied 2-2)
Dinner with JoAnn (love love her and her ability to be wherever I am)
Call from Silent Rob - my new found philosopher friend
Thursday - still deciding for the day, Step Aerobics, Chinese at ID with good friends (can't wait)
Friday - Gringo going to the vet AGAIN and stopping by the new office for paperwork, Lunch with Rob, YOGA
Saturday - possibly heading to the beach or something outdoors
Sunday - jillin' all day

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