Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I write to taste life twice.
-Anais Nin

I find my self heading into such an incredibly good direction because I am surrounded by people that I can learn so much from who are strong and cabable and not afraid to do what they do best -- be themselves. How many times has opportunity been wasted on trying to be something else or someone else to make other people comfortable and happy with themselves?

Lost tonight on the pitch (as J. Brown would say). Played a hard game of football (also what J. Brown would say) since we were down a girl. It's great when the opposite team enjoys playing you, not just because we seem to be a sure win, but because we're fun. Ginger's family was there which made me extra happy for Ginger since I know it means a lot to her and plus, she played a good game!!! ;-)

I rode in Rei's 2005 convertible Red Mustang today. It was so worth the hair style going out the window...Literally! I thought it was great to just sit back and let the weather that us Floridians brag about just surround me. Florida -- where oranges happen and better known as, THE SUNSHINE STATE.

Today I know that there is love...His love that is all around us. God has placed some wonderful people in my life who encourage me and who I enjoy encouraging. It's a mutual respect minus the drama, the pretending, the negativity. It's about resolution and peace and comfort in why God didn't create just two people to be here on this planet but so many to create connections with and to better experience His amazing grace.

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