Sunday, April 09, 2006

big day

I just noticed that I have several entries that are still marked as drafts, mainly about Europe and that distant thing called childhood. Things have just been happening so fast, I can hardly keep it all written before another thing is on the horizon. I am grateful because I truly feel life at its fullest and that is bigger than any blog or journal can hold.

So, in keeping with this thought of not having enough time to record great things, I have to mention my time in Savannah with Joy. She is simply amazing and has taken the time to write a little something on her blog -- If you want to see a big part of my heart, visit Joy. She is someone who is so beyond her years and yet has the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning about God and what He is doing in her life. If you check it soon, you may come across some sketches from our trip. Funny stuff! Although Joy is really good at draw-rings. Next stop: Oregon. Joy, just know that I'd settle for a cardboard box in your backyard because you're that fun to be around.

Tonight, I've got heartbreak on the mind. A friend of mine just recently experienced great loss with someone who they had put their entire being into...This was the one. Well, the one turned out to be a stranger at the end, someone unrecognizable when all was said and done. How does this happen? How does someone you've grown close to and trusted become someone you can't bear the thought of being around because the risk is too great? The heart can only take so much. Life is too short to be afraid and LOVE is too necessary to not have it flowing in every relationship, authentic relationship, not the kind that's built on convenience or guilt.

I just started reading "A Literate Passion, Letters of Anais Nin and Henry Miller." It is so far one of those books you just feel stronger owning because of the intensity of the writing and the relationship. Two talented, yet torn individuals who found each other because they were born with the same passion -- to write and share it with the world.

It was six years ago today that I realized Ted and I would be together and the rest is history. Sometimes love finds you even when you're not looking...

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