Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Rest of My May In Pictures

Shell Searching with Mr. Wonderful and Baby Girl

Super Mom Turns 40! Happy Birthday!!

My First Mother's Day! Mr. Wonderful took me to brunch at BB's.
Ran into Wayne & Delores Weaver

Ella, Shawee and I after family birthdays dinner at Charley's

Baby Girl loves Fresh Pineapple from the Farmer's Market.

Shawee enjoying First Watch!

Ashley and I at the annual Women's Luncheon and Fashion Show

Youth Annual coordinated by Janice. Very nice!

Holly's Birthday party given by her Hubs, Robb!

Lanie's Luau Birthday! So much fun!

Play date with Erin and Harlow, downtown Orlando

Cousins day with Cutest Nephew and Baby Girl

Playing with the soccer ball. He actually tried to shoot the ball in the basket instead of kicking it.
He's so his father's son.

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