Monday, June 08, 2009

GO FIGURE...From On the Job

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What is something these leaders have in common that you feel was critical in them becoming so successful?

I have a saying that you haven’t lost the game until you quit. These people, most of them anyhow, have an immense reserve of pluck, will and desire.

Call it grit. Call it stick-to-it-ness. Call it tenacity. They just don’t know how to give up. I call it the GO FIGURE factor.*

Observant.They are acutely observant about how people commit, but not just commit to buy something…they know how to get people to commit to groups, initiatives, companies and efforts.*

Fun. These people are Fun, usually, and that’s important because we spend so much of our lives at work, that most people want to spend time working with and working for somebody who is fun.*

Inventive. They are immensely Inventive and see opportunities that the rest of us don’t notice.*

Gracious.It’s not often thought of as an important trait but I think it may be the most important attribute. Having manners and being gracious tends to compel people to want to give you their labor. You can get work from people with a paycheck but for a person to offer their labor, well, that’s something else. And people are more likely to offer their labor to somebody who is courteous.*

Unsatisifed. Successful people are usually unsatisfied with what they’ve achieved and always want more.*

Resourceful. Successful people are creative about how to achieve market share and their intelligence will usually open up new pathways.*

Execute. Finally, they have strategies for individuals and teams and they know how to make those strategies work. Put it all together, it’s the G.O. F.I.G.U.R.E. factor.

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