Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perfect Pumpkin People

So, today at the office I "helped" carve a pumpkin. Really, I dug the seeds and gross stringy stuff out of the middle of the pumpkin. It was, in fact, my first time doing this. Not sure how that happened since I love pumpkins. I love how they are orange. I love pumpkin pie. I love that seeing a pumpkin means that fall is here. Pumpkins are great. I got most of the innards out and then experienced pumpkin carvers suggested toasting the seeds. Okay. Really yummy.

We were carving a pumpkin to enter the office building carving contest. Yea, we did NOT win. I knew that it would be a long shot but enjoyed participating in this new pumpkin creating thing.

Next year, I think I'll try this the office and at home.

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