Friday, October 10, 2008

B O W L I N G ! ! !

the scene of the crime

my official team cup that i made for myself. i know...i got skills!

my shoes...trying not to think about how
many feet have been in these before mine...FOCUS!

the birthday cake for our co-workers. one actually showed up but i'm always glad to celebrate a birthday and love when the cake is all themed up like the one above. :-) total cheese, i am.

action-packed fun going on!

Bowling with the Boys -- Ok. So above are some pics from Friday's Bowling Outing at work. The immediate above is my bowling team -- JA & RC are great guys but stinky bowlers or maybe it was just me and my lack of skills. There were four teams total and we came in 4th place so needless to say, we didn't win gas cards or anything. Maybe next time. I did, however, gain a knee injury which is absolutely ridiculous since it's freakin' BOWLING!

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