Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Festival @ Annunciation

So right down the street from us is a huge Catholic Church and over the weekend, they had their Annual Fall Festival. Mr. Wonderful and I decided to check it out so next year when the baby girl is running around, we know where to take her to have some fun. It was quite the operation. They had tons of food. I tried a Goop Dog for the first time. They raffled off a Hybrid car. There were funnel cakes which we avoided somehow. Phew! We watched a little football in their sports bar tent...What a great idea! Their craft area was ok. The main action was the kids area and the food.
Baby girl loved just people watching and being outside. It was a beautiful day so I'm glad Mr. Wonderful went even though he was recovering from his trip to Gainesville where the Gators beat LS WHO? Hahaha...
I love, love, love the fall even in Florida!
Worst thing that happened over the weekend...The Dolphins lost by one point. My brother forgot to tell Mr. Wonderful that they were going to lose AND baby girl didn't wear her cheerleading outfit. I think it would've helped 'em. Next week!

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