Tuesday, June 27, 2006

mind fishing

  • dreaming of people from years ago
  • living with two cats (how did that happen)
  • driving without full concentration
  • walking in the rain with a new umbrella
  • meeting someone's significant other for the first time
  • going to a new restaurant
  • engaging a total stranger and sharing an understanding
  • reliving a traumatic moment in my best friend's life ( so didn't process the magnitude until today)
  • loving what i'm wearing because it's so many of my favorite things
  • enjoying a nice dinner with my husband
  • avoiding green onions -- why are they on everything
  • watching pepper's co-star - do i really look like her
  • talking about people who are pregnant or who just had a baby
  • experiencing envy for those who "naturally" have monday off
  • reading everything -- newspapers, websites, magazines
  • honoring trish's memory, her beauty
  • disliking the parking lot on i-4
  • celebrating the possibilities for ted with the great news
  • knowing others are there to help whenever or wherever
  • feeling the benefits of going to yoga last night
  • wanting to change the world one moment at a time even with the smallest situation
  • connecting with people through humor...laughing together is like nothing else
  • being responsible and accepting and loving all of it
  • being excited about life and what the next moment has for me
  • wondering how my husband can look so cute while sleeping

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