Tuesday, June 13, 2006

back from NYC

COOKIE FORTUNE (no joke, this was in the cookie I opened) --

while in nyc, i worked, went to chinatown, i learned more about cable and education through cable, got sick, got better, attended the prsa leadership rally, got to know amy lyn from jacksonville better, found great new york pizza, met trade pub reporters with kena, walked a lot, bought nothing, endured the rain, rode in a cab, went to dinner at tsampa with linda who is with child, journaled while staring at the statue of liberty, rode the subway, walked a lot, went to the TODAY show, ate breakfast at the CONDE NAST building on times square, walked a lot and went to ground zero. in addition, i went to a great dinner at the remi restaurant with bhn people and natalie morales from nbc. another great dinner at the world financial center with all the prsa leadership. amy lyn and i enjoyed the view of jersey across the hudson. glad to be home.

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