Sunday, March 05, 2006


Baby Theo, Daddy Theo, me and Grammy Glow

Mom with Baby Theo...Grammy Glow!

Such a beautifully wrapped gift by Scott and his mom.
Thanks for the chocolates!
Ginger, moi and Robin -- The girls
were looking so beautiful at the Tea Party.
Just love having them with me on my birthday!
Love you and THANKS for the night out on the town.

Trish shared her actual birthday day with me so
I could have a great party and be totally surprised.
Thank you Trish!
Millie -- THANK YOU for being such an amazing friend.

my new JJILL purse -- LOVE IT!
It's off to London and Paris with me
Thanks Michelle, Ro & Xio!!!

Happy Birthday to me!
Heather is such a good cake carrier

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Fairy Tales and Fireflies said...

How I wish I could've been there! I missed your 30th birthday part. Alas, I was in Mexico. I'm so sad.