Tuesday, March 14, 2006

here we are - 3 days later


We're in the U.K. now and enjoying ourselves even though we are not much of cold weather fans. Thank goodness for my awesome coat that my brother and Josie got me!!

The plane ride went very well. The four of us had a row of seats in the middle but we quickly scoped out extra empty seats to have some kind of sleeping space.

So far, we've been to Steve and Christina's house, Peterborough, Cambridge, Stratford and Sawtree (that's where Steve and Christina live). Kids are so adorable! Steve has introduced us to the Military Base here by taking us to the Bowling Alley for lunch and to a little shoppette. You could live here in the service and never really live in the culture.

In Cambridge, I now know that I love the store NEXT. Not sure what the equivalent is in the states but the clothes are extra tempting and I have to practice major restrain in all of the shopping areas.

Ted and I are shipping some of our stuff home since we are taking the train to London tomorrow and traveling to Paris. Too much luggage is too stressful. I should've remembered that from my days on SSC. (Joy would appreciate that comment.)

I'm so happy to be celebrating my birthday in a foreign country...My first one ever. Well, unless you count Australia when I was 1 and 2 years old. Wish everyone could join us tomorrow. We're going to see Billy Elliott and planning to eat yummy dinner somewhere...probably Indian. It's sooooo good here.

I hope to have some kind of internet connection at some point after today so I can report back about what we're up to. Either way, I will be describing this experience better than I am tonight since I'm incredibly exhausted and confused because everyone drives from the passenger side here. Ted braved the steering wheel today out of the Car Park. He looked so cute and accomplished...So proud!

Love from the UK!

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