Wednesday, January 11, 2006

soccer star -- working on it

Don't wait until you're entirely ready to make a change. We can always find some excuse not to act. Just taking one step will give you the proper momentum to pursue your goal.

I did such a fun thing last night...It wasn't the 6 p.m. Pilates with Sue, although it was a great class, I PLAYED SOCCER! Sarah invited me last season but I had every excuse in the book not to go. Now it's January and the only excuse I have is that I am completely out of shape and I haven't played in years and I can't find my soccer shoes BUT despite allllllll of that, there I was on a field with other people in a yellow shirt that was unknowingly provided by my beloved husband and it was such a great feeling. I played as long as I wanted to...There are three other girls and we have to have three on the field at all times so we'd switch out when we got tired. At the end, I just stayed on. I decided that I could do it. I was having too much fun.

So, what is this all about? This is about just going out there and doing something that if you think about it too hard, you probably wouldn't dare BUT then when you set aside whatever it is that's keeping you from doing it, and you find yourself enjoying something bigger than you. Love it when that happens...

I'm going back next week. Need to find those shoes so I have absolutely no excuse.

Choose to play!!

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