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get motivated (thanks kathy)

Get Motivated Business Seminar
TD Waterhouse Centre
Orlando, Florida


Wife always thought that he loved football more than her...He asked, "What are talking about? We've been married for 56 seasons. "

Keep thy heart diligently. Your thoughts turn into words...words become action...action become habits...your habits become character. Your character is what determines where you will spend eternity.

I'm like all head coaches. I just stand there...So, quit getting all over me about what they do.

What is "IT"? "IT" is the heart. Some people have "IT" and some people don't. I can, I will, I must despite the odds. Virtues to identify IT are: enthusiasm, positive attitude, courage, persistence. DO NOT QUIT!

Leadership is so important. To be a leader, you've got to be a problem solver. CEO delegates. Entrepreneur does it all himself. As a leader, you do one thing, SOLVE PROBLEMS. If you've got problems in your life, you're needed.


There is something you can do today that can make life better or worse. You choose to do this...YOU are NOT a victim. If man can take moldy bread and make penicilin, then what can God make out of you.

The good news is when you recognize what you already know...

YOU change what you are by changing what goes into your mind. We need a governing authority. You were born to win. Quality of life improves...Standard of living increases. Virtually all great failures are character failures. You can buy house but not a home, a companion but not a friend...

But ONLY men of character area trusted.
Arthur Freidman

#1 thing employers are looking for -- INTEGRITY

Motivation is the key. Even though it's temporary. 85% of the reason you get, keep and advance in a job is because of your attitude.

Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, reasonably prosperous, secure, to have friends, peace of mind, good family and relationships, love, hope.


What happens at home affects you at work. Productivity declines because of your marital problems.

Notice the people with nothing to do at the job, want to do it with you.

HONOR YOUR WORD. There is something fulfilling with it.

Tell the TRUTH. He who hids the wrong he did does the wrong thing still.

Honest, Intelligent, Goals, Organized, Responsible, Commitment, Caring, Dependable, Integrity, Work Smarter, Optimistic, Faith, Punctual, Faith, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Decisive, Focused, Disciplined, PMA (positive mental attitude), Creativity, Knowledge, Experience, Training, Hope, Self-starter, Loyal, Competency, Confidence, Extra-Miler, Team player, Encouraging, Energetic, Self-worth, Wisdom, Consistency, LOVE

Tell yourself you ARE the things listed above and that you are Building a Better You. Evaluate yourself on what everybody wants...Be prepared for what you might see.

People need to see you moving with PURPOSE. When you catch a glimpse of your potential, you develop a passion and that is what you do.

You can have everything in life you want if you help other people get what they want.

JOY in your life will affect everything. We're physical, mental and spiritual. PRIORITIZE and BALANCE.

God's possibles were greater than man's permissibles. We are all one blood.

The God of the mountain top is also the God of the valley.

Build and maintain a winning attitude. Learn how to work effectively and efficiently. Work with a plan. Be constant students. Have long range plans.

Follow through and when you get to the goal line recognize those who you have positively influenced.


Investor education
Buy great companies when they are cheap. We are all just now learning how to read and write financially.
Look at the Group.
2 rules: #1 don't lose money, #2 don't forget #1

Buy solid when they are undervalued and sell them when they are over-valued.
As long as you're not losing money on your investment, you're alright. We never give the money back. Avoid the drops. Your fund managers are the arrows. You want three greens to stay in.


Remember that there is always more than one way to look at everything.

Be congruent in all parts of our lives -- body mind and spirit.

Think of a time in your life that you felt like you could do anything.

Most common fears are #1 public speaking and #2 death.

We think our words describe our experiences. In reality, they determine the direction of our experiences. We lock into our self-conscious, here's how far I go. Napoleon said that we rule the world with our words. Look through the obstacles in your life not right at them. FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME YOU DESIRE. How do you make time 1 like 51? You ask yourself "What IF it all went well?"

Think of the strongest person you know. When most people deal with the problems of life, they don't deal with the center. They deal with the edges. How would you define success? Studies show that people want LOVE, JOY and PEACE in their life. Spiritual dimension of success. What is there? Poeople focus on the one little dot and not on the rest of the picture. We do that in our lives. We only see a small part. We continue to allow ourselves to miss the bullseye in our life.


Sometimes in life it pays to know your limitations.

If you do what everyone else does, you're going to be mediocre. THINK OUTSIDE the BOX.

My years at General Motors -- boring book but there is a lot of insight. If you can't win the game by one set of rules, change the rules. Making car payments was a radical idea back in the day.

We are in the Technology Era - it's all about how you use technology to make money

WAL MART - 40 years ago mainframe computers were being developed. Wal-Mart used the technology to make money.
STARBUCKS - very smart...We love our luxuries and we pay $3-$5 for a cup of coffee. They've created an ambience, an image for us all to enjoy.
MCDONALDS - Restaurant business is the toughest business around. Ray Kroc got into them because he was a milkshake salesman and went to a place called McDonald's Brothers to sell them a milkshake maker. From there, he decided to expand their restaurant so that he could sell more milkshake makers. Princeton has an enormous endowment fund because back when Ray Kroc was getting started, they helped finance him and for many years, received royalties from every hamburger purchased at McDonalds.

Watch the GOLD price. When gold goes up, it's bad. When it goes down, things are good.

Watch Taxes. We're overtaxed. Companies don't pay taxes, we do! Tax code -- nobody knows what's in it. Not even the tax preparers can tell you what's there. We need to kill the tax code.

Ask yourself, what can I do differently? Investing? Put your emotions aside. Forget about cocktail chatter. Take a disciplined long term approach. You'll do just fine despite all of the problems.


One day you're Secretary of State and then the next day you're not. It's refreshing to go back to being an ordinary citizen. America should be a kind, open, generous place. Only we can change and as long as we don't change, they (terrorists) will never win.

Leadership is leadership is Leadership.
Leadership is taking a group of people and doing something that math and science tells you otherwise.
LEADERSHIP inspires. Great leaders are the one who takes the mission and vision down to the followers. Great leaders turn their attention to the followers. Take care of the troops! Train them. They will be going into battle and will bring you success or failure. Great leaders have empathy. They recognize people. Great leaders deal with people who aren't performing. They can look them in the face and tell them to get trained, go somewhere else or leave the organization. Great leaders have integrity and confidence. NEVER show hunger or fear. You'll know you're a good leader if only out of curiousity they'll follow if they trust. Create bonds of trust within the organization. They don't worry about themselves. They worry about the MISSION!

Be inside the information loop. Share edcation and capital and risk opportunity. You may think there are no successes. No good things...BUT THERE ARE.

We have been married to the french for 237 years. We've been in marriage counseling for 237 years. Over the next few years, China will become more important and India too.

Favorite leader -- Prime Minister of Japan.

Leadership is problem solving. The day they stop bringing you problems, you're not LEADING!
So many opportunities in so many places. Middle East has always been a challenge. Nothing happens unless we get involved. Leadership is all about trusting people. United States is trusted by the rest of the world.

the Declaration of Independence says, "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL." The government is to secure these rights, not grant them.


principles of leadership --
1. vision
2. process
3. courage

Copying other people and make that work for you. Got a lot from Pres. Reagan. He had vision. You HAVE to have goals.

2 things that got me through Sept. 11: BELIEF IN GOD and BELIEF IN FREEDOM OVER OPPRESSION.

Set a direction.
Understand process.

Accountability works 2 ways
1. setting goals.
2. holding yourself accountable

There is a sign on his desk that says, "I'M RESPONSIBLE."

Crime rate was very high in the city. So he began to measure crime every day. He looked at the stats weekly at meetings. If you want to be a leader you have to have accountability.


Firefighters risk their lives every day. What do firefighters do every day with Fear? It makes them prepare.

Ask yourself, "What is it that I can do to prepare better?"

The work ethic is like a gift. If you want to give your kids the key to success, teach them to work hard and enjoy it. The difference between right and wrong is important too.

Sometimes when you push people to success they misinterpret the message. YOU CAN'T CHEAT.

If you want to succeed, surround yourself with great people. Not just GOOD people but great people.

The reason I got through Sept. 11, was because of the people that surrounded me. To know that you have really good people to rely on.

Think success to be success.

Always have a SENSE OF HUMOR! You must have this to get through.


How to make MORE out of LESS

Stop spending money you don't have to impress people you don't know.

Buy a home

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